Happy 5th HIVE BIRTHDAY to ME! ~ #lovethisride

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Well isn't this just the best 5th Hive Birthday Present?!? Hive took off last night hitting .52 and then settled around .48 when I went to bed. I anticipated it being much lower this morning because meteoric rises like this tend to have similar falls. But no, .48 when I opened my eyes this morning.

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On top of that, my coffee carafe finally arrived in the mail!

Do you know how much patience it takes to make coffee using a mason jar with a coffee filter rubber banded over the top??? A LOT OF F'ING PATIENCE.

You have to fill that thing over and over and over again, eventually getting one single cup of coffee....that is, if you don't drop the filter into the mason jar, thus ruining the one cup you spent so much precious time on. Luckily I only did that once.



On top of THAT!, I just got a notification that my new sunglasses arrived over night too! It's been a rough two weeks down here in Mexico without sunglasses. Not the most pleasant, I can attest to that. If you didn't hear how I lost my precious Blu Blockers, you can check out the quick video here:

This HIVE BIRTHDAY is off to a ripping start! I hope your day is going just as well.

Thanks for reading, & Hive on!

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