The @Homeless-city project will give real help

The @homeless-city project

A few weeks ago, driven just form the idea that someone has to create a virtual home for all the homeless cards from the new game dCITY, this account was started by @detlev on the blockchain.

He sponsored the funds to create the account and as well the first few homeless cards. But this attract a few more people.

Homelesscity 20200331 210909.png

People start sending cards

It started with @mfblack as he was sending a Cinema card and @coolsurfer was sending as well a few homeless cards.

Just a day ago, the very friendly @diverse was sending this message:

Hi Detlev I have 50 total homeless + immigrants to donate to homeless-city. Please consider my idea of donating 5% of the city's profits to an organization like Habitat for Humanity that helps build homes for families in need. They often require the future homeowner to work at building the house with the team
I think it would be a great way to accelerate your city and get amazing publicity. I can help with posts about homeless-city to promote it also. I'm not looking for anything for myself but would like to see the project grow and gain publicity. Just 5% and you keep 95%.

and I was overwhelmed and after a minute, the reply was

Hi Diverse, even better. I would donate 50% of income and use the other 50% to grow the account.

Means to get more cards, to get a bit more income and to donate bigger amounts.

Next few minutes @divers account start sending a lot of homeless cards and now the statistics of the @homeless-city looks already like this.


This is unbelievable!


From the blockchain to the people

A plan is born!

As a great community here on #hive we will to grow the account to get some funds to donate this to the following groups

(1) Institute of Global Homelessness as they provides homes for families in need



This is actual a small initiative, but it is the start and the #HIVE can do it.

Hive shape.png

Whenever there is 100 USD we will issue the first transaction and as we are on the blockchain, everything is transparent for everybody.

If you have any idea, feel free to help or let us know.

The @Homeless-city statement

50% of our income
goes to HELP!
The other 50% into
building the city
to earn more
to help even more!

At the moment, this account is managed be @detlev

The @homeless-city is available on dCITY

We are the
and we care!


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