Back again after a long time-out


First of all, I want to apologize for just being away for the last 6 months.


For a long time I had spent far too much work and time on steem-related projects. I didn't get enough sleep during this time. Also my normal office work, which is my only source of income, had suffered.

The work on steem-engine and nextcolony and all the other projects and the need to be available all the time and to solve problems as fast as possible has stressed me enormously.

After doing my tax report, I realized how big my loses in crypto are. I lost the faith to be able to earn my loses through hard work on steem or by selling steem when the its price had gone up. I have then decided to stop all crypto-related things and shut down my discord and take a complete time-out. I found not the strength to communicate this, so sorry for this.

Accepting the losses and no longer feeling the pressure to make up for all the losses through hard work have been a great relief to me. I read many books during this time and went to bed early. I think I needed the time until now to recover.

For a long time, I did not find the strength to start again my work with STEEM.

Starting fresh on HIVE

After 6 months I saw that STEEM is being forked and that a new blockchain is created. For the first time in a long time I felt the desire to participate again.

I already worked on beem, my python library and released a new version that works with HIVE.

I also adapted the @fullnodeupdate project to HIVE.

I have updated my Witness server to HIVE.

I will publish more information about it soon.

I hope you can forgive me for just disappearing without notice, but I couldn't go on. I haven't read any Discord message or comments on the Steem-Blockchain in the last 6 months, I also want to apologize for that. I have not decided if and when I will reactive my discord again. It took me 6 months until I felt the need to publish something again, the rash was caused by HIVE, thank you very much for creating it :).

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