Download the infographic of the HIVE ecosystem - FULL HD


Hi Hivers!

During a long period I was making this graphic that shows part of the Hive blockchain ecosystem, it was a long task because in Hive there are several applications and you had to check each one to see if they were active, look for logos, group into categories among other things they did to achieve capture an idea that simplifies what represents the Hive blockchain ecosystem.

The purpose of this post is to deliver the HD version of the Hive ecosystem and updated.

The original idea is from @theycallmedan and together with @eddiespino @samgiset and I were able to make this graphic that now will travel around the world.

I really liked working on this design because the community was able to integrate and give their opinion on the changes that were made during the creation period, we were able to take notes and listen to everyone.

To work this type of design is complicated because you must have a great PC, I have a pretty decent one, but with Windows the program I used Inkscape was stuck and everything I did was erased, until I decided to use Linux so I took my PC and installed Ubuntu and the Inkscape program let me work very well.

Below I show the 2 versions currently created:

Black Version


Blue Version


For HD download:


For future updates we will make a post from the Hive account of HiveCreators so that as more applications are active the ecosystem will be updated.

I hope to make massive promotion of this infographic in all social media.

I will share the rewards of this publication with my colleagues.

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