Celebrating 5 Years on Hive

It doesn't feel like it but 5 years ago I signed up and got an account. Things have changed so much! When I first got here I couldn't make a post the front end was so bad, it was called something else... About a year later I really got into it and saw d.tube... which is what lead to my own project dlux.io. Yeah... Things are a lot different now, and very nearly every one of those things is better. We have dApps, Communities, Sidechains, Exchanges, VR/AR, Splinterlands, 3Speak, and A MOBILE WALLET!! Of course Hive will continue to grow and when I'm celebrating 10 years I'm sure the trend will have continued.

Sweet Royal-bee free image

Thanks to all my new friends and constant supporters. Developing here hasn't always been a walk in the park, but it's probably the most rewarding project I've ever undertaken.

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