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Hello everyone!


As you may know, the world of cryptocurrency is filled with scammers who would like to obtain the earnings of someone else without too much work.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, it is usually near-impossible to track them. On Hive, accounts are based on usernames as opposed to addresses in other chains. This creates one substantial issue, usually, whenever you are transferring something to another address in let's say, Bitcoin, you copy and paste the address you are transferring to. Since it is near impossible to type it manually because of its length, on Hive, that is not the case.

Recently, @smooth had an issue where he mistyped bittrex as bittres causing him to send 18k HBD (18,094.456 HBD) to a phishing/typo account on accident. While some frontends do warn the user whenever they're potentially transferring to a phishing account, some apps (like Keychain) and scripts/cli_wallet do not.

So I've been working on a feature release for api.deathwing.me and I am happy to say that it is now implemented.

The Actual Announcement

With the new update to api.deathwing.me there is a new feature where broadcasted transactions for transfer transaction are checked by Jussi automatically to ensure the to (receiver of the transaction) is not an account name included in the blacklist. If the account is in the blacklist, the transaction will be rejected (the node will not submit your transaction to the blockchain) hence you'll be able to keep your funds.

(For devs: Error code is -42000 / Transfers to this account is prohibited on api.deathwing.me (phishing account blacklisted))

Please do note that this is a feature specifically for api.deathwing.me it WILL NOT WORK on other nodes, unless this feature is added to other nodes as well.

Again, as specified above, this will ONLY work on api.deathwing.me as it is a custom feature, it WILL NOT WORK on other nodes unless they add a similar feature.

Which accounts are blacklisted?

The blacklisted accounts include major exchange accounts' common misspellings. The list mainly includes Bittrex, Blocktrades, Binance, Huobi and Upbit at the moment.

The current list of blacklisted accounts are as follows:


The list will be expanded as more phishing accounts are discovered.

Thank you for reading through the post.

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