Happy birthday HIVE

As everyone will probably know, today we all celebrate...

1 year of HIVE since the hard fork from S#!@m!


I’ve been a part of this blockchain (in a small way) for three years strong; posting, making new connections and learning new things.

It’s a true feat of skill from the leaders of the community, doing things with technology, data and engineering that I have absolutely no idea about. To celebrate these people who built this place and work hard to keep it alive, I have today bought 100 Hive!

And I’m even chuffed that I did it all myself on Bittrex.
I’m still a total and utter novice when it comes to most things like markets and trading. It’s basic - but I’ve avoided it, usually getting trusted HIVERS to help buy for me in the past.


However today I thought it was important to learn something and take some risks if I were to screw up such a simple thing.
The good news is I didn’t fuck up and successfully bought some BTC then traded it for HIVE 😅

So 100 fresh tokens have hit my account. I’m gonna power them up.

To round off the virtual birthday party, this evening we’ve had a fire and beers. It was totally magic.


What an excellent day!


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