Posting, Commenting & Engagement! An Analysis

How much should you post?
How much should you comment?
Well it's up to you but this is what I have decided.
I will post every day at least once and I want to comment on atleast 10 posts.
Doable right?
Well apparently not!
A few days ago I came across this post by @amr008 (who makes amazing analysis tools and posts, definitely follow him if you enjoy statistics and numbers).
It's a tool that is a visual representation of your posts and comments in the last 30 days.
Go look at the post and use the tool. The post shows you how to do it!


As you can see I have posted atleast once for the past 30 days and have only mised one day of commenting. But I think I made up for that by commenting close to 50 comments the next day. Hahaha.

If I eyeball the average, I'd say I am in the region of hitting my goals but not entirely yet!

And being honest, not all of these comments are super ultra detailed and of high value. Quite a bit is responding to people who have participated in POB Question Of The Week and sometimes that just a simple 'whoop whoop'. Haha.

So my goal has changed after seeing this graph.
The goal is 10 high-value comments that actually add to the post!
Of course the shorter comments will still be needed but I won't count them towards my daily goal.

Am I still making sense? Haha

Anyway, take a look at your own graph and tell me if you're happy with it or if you'd like to change it!

Over and out,


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