A Reminder For Myself (And Anyone Else Who Might Need It!)

Do not burn out.
Do not burn out.
Do not burn out.

I repeat, do not burn out!

A few years ago, I was super duper active on 'before' (hahahaha I don't want to say the name) and although I was really REALLY enjoying myself but it was way too much.

It was like I was living a double life.
One in the real world where I have a job that I have to attend, a relationship to nurture, friendships to keep in contact with and all the other usual stuff that comes with being a human being.
And then my other life in the blockchain blogging world where I was in constant contact with SO many people and was organizing all these projects and things.

It was so much fun.

But in the end, so unsustainable.

And it ended up breaking me up.

So I had to cool things off and gather myself once again.

And now I am back which I am very very happy about because I missed the community.


I love learning new things every day just by reading your posts.
I love getting to know people from all over the world.
I love all this new technology.

But I have to caution myself and not push myself too hard.
I actually have to curb my enthusiasm because before you know it, I'll be doing ten things at the same time and will forget my 'normal' life and that's not a good thing.

So I set aside time every day to spend on here and to write.
If I am at my job and it's quiet, I will be on Discord talking to people, writing blogs and commenting!
If I am at home on my day off, I'll set aside an hour each day to just write and be a pro active citizen of the Hiveverse!

I need boundaries.
Because this place is addictive as hell and you are all so interesting.

So a reminder to myself, DO NOT BURN OUT!
(And if you need to read/hear this, do not burn out!)

Hope you are healthy, happy and at peace!

Over and out,


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