Presenting HE-AWM: Hive-Engine Auto Witness Monitor

This is now a more "proper" announcement of what I was trying to create for HE-Witnesses. So I made my previous repo private and moved the code to an independent one.

v1.1 - Pre-Alpha Experimental

Again, this works but there are lots of things to improve, mostly because I don't get to exercise what those that daily practices those "good practices", do... hence the current state. After my experimentation is done, things will be prettier.

But so far, this has been able to handle the witness quite well and AVOID MISSING blocks, which is the most important part. The current 3 missed blocks (1 initially and then 2 because of some idiot that happened to my previous hardware) I have on @atexoras.witness are pre this script and that was why I decided that I had to quickly come up with something.

I had experimented already with something similar (but handling a different infrastructure) on EOS, so it was not very hard to come up with this, given the time I have (very little).

Surely, you want to run something like this outside your node/IP too (when possible), to handle the case of your node/ISP going down for some reason. For now, I am keeping this simple enough for me to play around (and others) while I learn a bit more along the way.

Current HE-Witness commitment

I am currently experimenting with stuff and will support the chain as much as I can. I don't have the infrastructure nor the time to be as active as everyone up there. Plus, there are plenty of competent people already to support this chain.

That said, I am extremely grateful for who decides to give me a chance to be around and experiment with this at all levels (up high or low). My aim is to produce (and prove it works) a strong enough monitoring/management system that manages your witness node(s) so that it should not matter what kind of infrastructure you have to support the chain.

At the same time, the idea is to protect people from making accidental mistakes and having automatic mechanisms that protect the chain from "missed blocks".

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