Late Night Rambles!

Why is it so hard for some people to see the real purpose, behind schools. To see that no matter what we do, as long as we engage with those services, they will always push ahead with what they were designed to do. To Make our kids conform! To instill this idea of routine, the 9-5 routine. To follow orders and obey and lastly to educate them in a way, that those in power see fit.


We all know, that the educational system teaches our children to repeat, to memorize and to compete. There are no lessons on thinking for yourself and certainly none on connecting with your intuitive self. We are taught how to fit in and how to succeed in a world where other people’s expectations are more important than your own.

It sets the scene, for your life and in some ways perhaps their is comfort in knowing what to expect, in following this path that has been paved out for some of us. But how many really feel fulfilled, by this way of life?

I have often heard people say, that they enjoyed their school years, that looking back, they now miss them, but I guess that is a testament to how diverse we all are. But there is no way, that one shoe fits us all.

In the end iris good that, that way of life does serve a few. But what about the rest of us, who struggled with the way in which our lives revolved around school, with the pressure that was placed upon us. Preventing us from connecting with ourselves, instead being led into a world where we felt so disconnected!

I remember feeling so lost at times, during my school years, I knew this was something I had to do, but it just didn’t sit right with me. The way in which we had to fit into other people’s ideas of who we should be. Yet I still didn’t know who I was, how we had to believe that these other people in positions of power knew what was best for me, even before I did.


But how was that possible, that during my years of self discovery, these people apparently knew exactly what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. Taking away my opportunity to explore and discover for myself.

Making me feel, as though I needed to ask permission, just to express myself. Because my opinion didn’t matter. Only those who they deemed worthy, were who we should listen to and believe. So self doubt, set in and my confidence was slowly chipped away at.

Because if I couldn’t figure out who I was, without their help, then what hope did I ever have, of figuring shit out on my own, and so just like that, the cycle of dependency begins!

It’s so nice to have people to look up to, but the most important thing is having faith in yourself and your capabilities. To have the space, in which to try things and the space in which to make mistakes, whilst being surrounded by people who trust you and have faith in you!

My late night ramble, right now at this point, I just want to tell it, like I see it, no filter, just my truth. Whilst, respecting that we all see things differently, that we all learn differently and perhaps that is the point of all this. Because you do not have to agree with me, you do not even have to like what I have to say, you just have to hear me and accept that this is just how I see things.

Moving forwards into a world, a world where we can harbour more acceptance!