Our Homeschooling Journey: Relaxed Art

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June and July have been challenging for both me and my daughter. We went back and forth from getting sick, then feeling better, then getting sick again. We would count it a lucky day if we are both up and about. So far, everything is going well for the two of us. And we hope to keep it that way longer. That's why I devised ab even healthier diet for the fam.

Anyways, whenever we are able to get back on our feet, we still take the chance to have simple and relaxed art activities. I don't want to push her into doing extra tasks of writing exercises, or math workbooks yet. Even I did not want to do serious school works when I was a kid her age whenever I was not feeling 100% ok.

It's a good thing she is very much into arts. And it's a good thing I still remember the artworks that I did when I was a kid.

If you are looking for artworks for your kiddos, here are some kiddie art activities that can surely engage your little ones and will really unlock your kids' love for all things artsy.

Toothpick Magic Art

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I'm not sure what type of art style they call this but my kid calls it magic art drawing. All you need is paper, crayons and toothpick.

First you need to color the paper the most colorful way you can. This is a perfect opportunity to refresh the knowledge on basic and secondary colors. We went for the colors of the rainbow because what can be more colorful than that?

Then color the rainbow layer with black all over. The thicker the black color is, the better. My little one said she's getting tired of coloring black so we went with just one layer of black over the rainbow layer.

Once that's done, you can go ahead and scribble over the black payer using toothpick. See the excitement your kid will feel once they see the colorful layer show through the lines they draw.

String Art

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This was one of my personal favorites back in the day. I'm amazed at how the colors make that smudged and messy effect forming the shapes I made of the string on the paper.

This one can be really messy really quick though, so be prepared to clean up after. I know I said "Relaxed art" but the process of pulling the strings is somewhat relaxing. And fun.

It's really simple. All you need is some papers, yarn (which I have a surplus of), and water color. First, fold the paper into half. You'll still need to lay it flat on the table, opening up the folded paper. You just fold it so you have two sides. Then, dip the yarn into the watercolor. Now, on one side of the paper, carefully place the dipped string or yarn, forming swirls and shapes as you please. Make sure you leave enough yarn at the bottom of the page for you to pull on.

Fold the paper from the crease you made earlier. Gently pat the paper to make sure the color dipped yarn is secure. Place your palm on top of the paper ever so gently, don't put too much pressure or you'll have a hard time pulling the string but not too light or the shape just wouldn't be too obvious after you pull.

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Slowly and carefully pull the string. You can let the kid do the pulling. To make sure you don't make too much mess, get the string right away from your kid. They will get a bit too excited, they might wave it all over.

Repeat the process, using as much color as you want. Use the chance to maybe introduce new colors on this activity. The finished product can be used as a decoration on its own, or it can he used as a design for a greeting card. Just be playful with it.

Abstract Collage Art Whatsoever

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This is just a very playful art we did here. We took the chance to introduce the art of collage and abstract as well as the different art materials that she can use when trying to express herself through art. We have practiced using watercolors, crayons, color pencils, and color pens. This is the first time she used other materials like colored papers, pompoms, and plush sticks.

So basically, what you need for this artwork is coloring materials, glue, the circle papers inside the puncher, pompoms, plush stick, scissors, paint brush, glitters, and sponge. You can add more to the mix. Really go ahead and explore the different arts and coloring materials you have. The goal is to introduce different ways of using those colors, and various ways of adding color to an artwork.

I made a random doodle that she can start with. Her objective is to color each odd shape created in the doodle. I assisted her in cutting the plush sticks. To keep her interested, I also asked her for her ideas on what she wanted to add to the collage.

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She loved the glitters. She also appreciate the idea that she can use sponge for her watercolor. I introduced new ways to using the paintbrush.

The good thing about this abstract collage is that it stimulates the brain to think of new ways of using old tools. And that kind of exercise is helpful in decision making.

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I am no expert in arts but I owe it to my daughter to show her the endless possibilities of art as a way of expressing herself. It is my responsibility to teach her how to use the tools she need to hone that talent of hers. I can see she is really into drawing because so far, this is the one hobby she has always loved to do. I taught her how to play the piano, and how to dance. Her father shows her self defense and martial arts. She is just absorbing everything we teach her but she always comes up with a new drawing almost everyday.

It has been a while since I last posted about our homeschooling journey. We are still at it, we still have a lot of challenges along the way and I know our journey has just started. We have a lot to learn and enjoy in our homeschooling journey and I can't wait to share it all to you guys.

You have a great day!


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