Our Homeschool Diary: Field Trip Day!

Homeschoolers Go On A Field Trip

While the rest of the students in the UAE are having their 3-weeks spring break, we at our little homeschool continue with our learning and exploration. Besides, learning should be everyday, right?

"Spring" here is bright and sunny - max temperature is around 33ºC. There were even a couple of weekends that already touched 38ºC. Dry heat. So we decided to exploit the still manageable weather by going on a field trip!

The last time we had a field trip was in October when we went to Qasr Al Hosn, which was a museum experience. Because of the pandemic, we were the only ones inside! But a nature walk is always good, like when we went to Al Jubail Mangrove Park, so for this mini field trip we did not go far but to a nearby park.

The pandemic has not made it possible for us to personally meet with the other kids from our homeschool coop and we have to choose the places we go to - as much as possible, just wide, open spaces!

Plants & Flowers

Hmm, we always see plants and flowers, but we do not really take much notice. This time, we made sure we observe as much as we can.

Big Plants. Small Plants.

The two smaller kids - Little Miss and the Little Man are on a mission - to see the plants and observe their sizes, leaves, and colors.


Little Miss actually collected samples of different leaves that she found. Some of them are thin and long, small and round, big and wide!



Meanwhile, Kuya is on a mission to check out the flowers. He checked the flowers and explain how the plants reproduce through the flowers, which later on become fruits (or seeds).


There are no fruit-bearing trees here in the park but we found this tree that grows pods.

The bright colors of the flowers, and the lines on them make it easier for the bees to find them and collect nectar from them!


Insects and Birds

While we were out, we also observed lots of birds and insects at the park. There were very small birds with very dark (almost black) feathers which were so quick we could not identify them. We also found some quails which don't fly but really run so fast!

Where there are flowers, there are butterflies and bees!

We noticed lots of bees hovering above the plants. Hmmm, where could the hive be(e)?! Maybe the hive is on top of the tall trees!

When we got tired from walking, we sat on the bench to rest. What's good when spending time outdoors? There's still a lot to see even when you are just sitting down!

So while we were sitting, the kids' attention was attracted by a shiny sheet fluttering on the grass.

"That's a moth!" Little Miss said.

"No, that's a butterfly!" Kuya argued.

I went around to see the object in question from another angle.

"No, look here! It's just a foil." It looks like someone has irresponsibly thrown his candy wrapper and it got tangled on the grass. :D

Summer is Imminent

Date Palm bloossoms.

I'm thinking of other outdoor activities we can still do these following days/weeks while we can still withstand the weather.

One of our indicators that summer is indeed coming is the date palm trees. When they start to blossom, it means that the hot weather is coming! Dates ripen in a very hot climate.

The gardeners at the park cut down the blossoms of the dates, perhaps to avoid too much propagation from seeds. So we took this bunch and brought it home. Maybe we can come up with an art project from it.

Thinking hat on!

How about you? What outdoor activities do you do especially during this pandemic?

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