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As someone who despises the whole follow4follow and like4like trend, on web2 I don't really care much as it's irrelevant to me.

When I first joined Hive over 5 years ago and learned about how it works, especially the immutability, I set out to do things properly and genuinely as much as I could. Over the years I saw many fake their following, either by constantly asking people to follow them (which is a bit of a gray area to some but I don't find it genuine, it's one of the few things readers can do - I'm sure if they want to they know about it and will click the follow button) or by spam following everyone, giving them the follow notification and many following back and then later just auto unfollowing everyone again. Not sure who they wanted to trick but unfortunately follower numbers matter to most people and give you a sense of accomplishment and influence.

This is why I'm thinking we should create some sort of focused following on web2, especially twitter, between us Hivers to boost our engagement and influence over there so that more people find out about web3 - Hive.

It's kind of a sad/lame thing to do, but seeing how many copycat garbage projects exist that are constantly making headways about most of their irrelevant and vaporware projects and growing in influence when we here know we have the real deal it just feels unfair. Not to mention the people that get tricked into buying those coins that ultimately go nowhere.


[Image source: @doze (5% beneficiaries going your way)

In this post, I want you to follow some of the accounts I'm mentioning, then drop a comment with a screenshot of you following it and I'll send some @ocdb votes your way. Please reply to your own comment with another follow task under your own comment so we can reward it seperately.

First off, make sure you're following the official hiveblocks Twitter account:

Create a Reddit account if you don't have one and subscribe to our Hive subreddit:


Create a coinmarketcap account and hit the star next to Hive to add it to your watchlist:

Last but not least, drop your own Twitter account in a comment so others can follow you. We'll vote up people who reply that they followed you and your own reply to having followed others.

I'll add a few examples so you can see how it works. Hopefully more people jump in to throw some votes around to incentivize strengthening our connections on web2 and gain more reach when sharing Hive front-end links or just tweeting about web3 in general.


Bonus: if you're not registered on yet, now would be a good time to register using Twitter authentication and keychain/hivesigner to connect your accounts so you can earn $posh for sharing Hive links with the #hive tag and checking out other shares on the website if you want to support them with likes. Likes cost nothing compared to voting power but they may help get more attention and traffic to our front-ends!

There's still a lot of $posh rewards going to @null because the users sharing eligible $posh tweets aren't registered so we don't know who to send the POSH rewards to or Hive rewards from the comments.

Half of the post rewards going to @poshtoken for further development funding.

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