It's all about paws


At the end of a hard day, I just wish for an imprint of four little paws in my heart. Those little feet can wipe out all the dejection. I feel just incomplete without her scratches on my hand🐾

I found my tiny happiness in the road on the new year's day. As a daily routine, around 5pm I got down from college bus and heading towards my home. I saw little kitten was about to get under a cab, as soon as I noticed her I pulled with her little tail.. I know it was kind of rude action. She was crying in pain too.

Her face was covered with mud and her tiny body covered with water, might be some fish stall vendor splashed dirty water on her.
I took her on my hands and looked around. I really didn't wanted to take with me because a week ago my cat took her last breath on my lap. I couldn't cope up with incident and I didn't wanted to harm that little kitten. So I dropped her in safer place.

But I think she did not wanted me to let her go.
She was coming near my legs and I couldn't leave her in such trouble. So I brought her to my home, initially I gave her some milk. Because of eye boogers she wasn't able to visualise things. I tried to clean with clean cloth dipped in water. She was very hungry.


I named her Luna


It means moon


"The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to"
- Carl Sandburg.

Yup, I share everything with her and she looks at my face like a clueless kid😂. Probably she might think, " What are you even bluffing girl", lamo.

As days passed on , she found her comfort zone on my lap. She sit on my lap n start licking my hand with her papilla, which is ticklish.


I feel so calm and funny when I see her playing with some random hanging cloths, with flowers and jumping to catch those tiny insects.

She'll come running towards me when I start opening cookie packets. She give me those innocent look and slowly touch my hand with her toe beans😂.she is a drama queen to be honest.


Early morning she's like my alarm, around 5 am she comes and start biting me. Pulling my hair, scratching my hands, basically she won't leave me until I wake up from bed.


She'll be coming behind me until I give her some milk.


Well her favorite place to sleep or for her mischievous activities was my brother's bag. But my brother was kind of displeased by this. But her innocence made his heart melt.

One thing she loved was, biting my hand for no reason. She comes near me and start biting, scratching and when I scold her back, she'll just walk away like nothing ever happened. After a minute she comes back for pampering.

This picture is my favorite one. She was staring at some insects.

When I got to know her mission of catching those tiny insects, I just said her "I hate you luna", she surprisingly gave this look thinking " Girl what's wrong with you huh".😅

Feels like she grew up so fast, she was so tiny when I brought her and now she's a matured woman😂. Well she's still a kid for me.


She got her baby boy on 20th of August 2021.

I named him Cookie. Even though he's mini, he acts like some ferocious tiger.

From playful kitten to responsible mother, she not only conceived a baby boy, but also caring, attachment, patience, courage. Whenever she see her son in trouble, just in a fraction of second she'll be there. That's the beauty of parenthood.

Just like his mother, even cookie likes to sleep on my lap.


Not only cats,i have dogs, a turtle as my pet. I just love being with them .
It's not only that they dont judge you, it's all about attachment with the nature.
Have a nice day ❤

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