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His name is Taeil, he is 1 month old, since his mother died on the Gunung Salak road in Aceh, he was rescued by a resident of Pusong Lama Village, Aceh Indonesia. How is it chronological? Come on.... Follow the story

Long tail monkey

I saw him, then I said that, in conclusion, he (siTeil) is one of the luckiest monkeys in the world, why ? because it has a very heart-wrenching and sad story, maybe everyone who sees the chronology makes our hearts touched and menangis.

The story...

  1. The beginning was found

About a month ago one of our village families, traveled from Lhokseumawe City to one of the booming locations in our region specifically Aceh, which is a green and beautiful location located in one of the districts of North Aceh or still in the rural area of ​​Nisam Antara.

Mount Salak, is one of the tourist sites in Aceh which is visited by every citizen, both City residents and other Regency residents. The location has become a promising tourist destination.

One of the families who came from the city of Lhokseumawe or rather the fishing village of Pusong Lama Lhokseumawe, was traveling home from the location of Mount Salak to his hometown, after finishing a fun excursion in the location of Mount Salak.

Suddenly suddenly startled by a thumping sound as if someone had hit a moving car, and it is true that the adult monkey carrying his child died because of a wrong prediction when he was about to cross to the other side, while the child was trapped in the thick grass or separated from his mother's arms, and was thrown into the wild weeds, and the child did not suffer any injuries, he was still healthy while screaming for his dead mother.

While the car that hit its mother continued to run without explaining the incident, while our neighbors got down and looked around the circumstances surrounding the incident, while our neighbors brought a small monkey cub who was experiencing trouma, to be brought home and cared for as a concern for the habitat and the environment.

Summarily or in short...
This monkey cub has been with our neighbor for 1 month, he is receiving good care, both in terms of food, drink and shelter.

2. Bilal and Taeil

Bilal is one of the residents of Pusong Lama Village, Lhokseumawe Aceh who is the caretaker of this little monkey, this little monkey is very close to his master, so Bilal really loves this little monkey, this is influenced by an event that has been mentioned above. This little monkey really likes to play with an object in the form of a top game belonging to his son, while on the top of the top there is a brand with the words Taeil. Maybe this name is a name for the local toy product itself. Since this little monkey really liked that thing, he was automatically called Si Taeil.

Now Taeil has grown up and is healthy but he has a habit when he meets him (bilal) when Bilal approaches him he will automatically hug his right hand, I don't understand why he hugs his right hand and sometimes he goes into his arms, and when other people come for let go (jokingly) it will automatically scream and will always try not to let go of his embrace on a right hand. I don't understand the character myself. Is it an effect of last month's incident or is it his own character, so that he behaves this way? I don't understand it myself.

During his treatment, this little monkey was given milk by putting a white liquid in a teat bottle, uniquely he really understood how to drink it like a small child who was sleeping in a swing holding a pacifier bottle when he wanted to sleep.

Likewise when entering the night, he is used to sleeping like a human, he is very adaptable to human characters and sometimes very understanding to ask for something when he is hungry, and when in the morning he has also prepared himself to accept the habit, cleaning himself. The habit of cleaning his body is taking a shower in the morning. This uniqueness invites the attention of the local community to always joke during the day. Si Taeil is very happy with the people he often plays with.

The photos see in this post, are after Taeil finished his morning bath, with his funny behavior the children who live around Bilal's house watched the morning activities in the form of bathing habits.

The photos in this post, after Taeil finished his morning bath, with his funny behavior when he did that, made the children who live around Bilal's house witness his funny activity in the morning in the form of bathing.

Even though every day it is difficult for him to trick him when he works because he always follows him, but Bilal is still affectionate and always makes this little animal feel not alone even though its mother has died.

3. Si Taeil is very adaptable and able to follow any form of habit

During the treatment period or about a few weeks or can be said to take about 1 month, Si Taeil is very easy to teach by his master, the initial changes in his animal nature can be changed by Bilal, this habit can be seen from his behavior in everyday life. The habit he can do now is :

a. Able to understand master's words when directing something
b. No more trouma when you meet fast-moving objects such as cars, Hondas, and vehicles that have noise
c. Feels comfortable when wearing a baby tree, if you go to sleep at night
d. Having certain times, or good times, sleeping, playing and others**

It is very easy to teach this one animal, he is quick to respond to everything his master wants. I myself have also seen it in several areas, this species besides being a pet, also a pet or show animal, this monkey is also often used in various medical experiments, or the world community calls it a guinea pig or kelinci percobaan.

But Taeil is not an animal that will be used as an animal that will be taken will benefit from its energy and uniqueness, such as in some areas, which is made as a coconut tree climbing animal, but here he is an animal that has become part of the Bilal family, this is all based on what happened a month ago, which is an event that has been described above.

Bilal will continue to adopt him as part of his family, if one day Taeil will grow up and grow up, it will be returned to its original location and even then if it makes him happy, but if he likes his master's territory or house then he will continue to be kept as a pet.

Bilal did this all out of pity for the poor animal, because since the baby lost everything, there was no one to take care of him, so he had the perfect attitude that every living thing has its limitations. When the ability is not able to adapt by the stakeholder then humans can also help him. Thank you hope you enjoy it.

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