Will You Help Me? Animals That I Tried To Rescue This Year

Hi guys! Today I am gonna write about animals I tried to save this past year. Unfortunately, not all of them survived, if you like my posts please don't forget to follow.

1.The White Princess and her brother.

We found her wandering around our house in the winter, she wasn't scared and appeared to be really friendly. We gave her some food and left her outside. There are many other cats living on our possesions as people (b*stards) often drop their animals close by and drive away really quickly. Other cats live in a doghouse made for them or in a shed, she couldn't stay anywhere close to them as those cats don't like strangers. That's why we took her home. At first, she was really scared of our dogs and stayed only where they couldn't reach her. A few months later and she became a real princess, she only eats raw meat for the first meal and cottage cheese for the second meal. What about the dogs? Well now they are scared of the cat, she likes to sit on the chair and bang their heads with one paw. She also likes to go for a walk, just like the dogs. She is now sterilized, healthy, and with a permanent house. I forgot to mention that she was found with her brother... unfortunately, he is quite reserved and stays away from people, but every day comes and waits under our window to get something to eat.

2.Lime hawk-moth

One of our cats brought that caterpillar home and was having some fun with her. Fortunately, the skin wasn't pierced and that green fatty was ready to go. I googled what trees it likes to feed on, found a linden tree, and left it high where no cat could reach.

3.Slow worm

Cats...again. This time the animal was hurt so I took it home for a day. Disinfected the wounds with a spray I use for the fish I catch, left some water and the reptile was ready to go the next day.

4.Young Bat



Guess who brought that small sweete home? a Cat? No way... The downside of having so many cats living around is that they really like to hunt, so almost every single animal here was caught by a cat. There was no damage to it's body so we decided to keep the bat for a few days until we decide what to do next. I feed it with water mixed with glucose, but it didn't seem like it is enough. After two days we found a sanctuary for wild animals, drove 60km and left it in good hands.

5.Young Starling

Now it's time for the sad part. This youngling was saved from a small cat, after the examination, it didn't have any wounds, everything seemed intact. I put the bird in my old parrot cage, gave him some water and some worms to eat. The next day, it seemed like he didn't sleep during the night. I let him free roam in my room and everything was alright, no signs of broken bones or anything like that. During the day I took him and warmed him in my hands, he really didn't mind, I would even say he was enjoying it and feeling safe, the bird would close his eyes and take naps while I was holding him. He was walking, drinking, eating... everything is going okay. It was time to sleep, I made him a small house from a carton box, filled it with some soft paper so he can finally sleep feeling safe. Well... the next day I found him dead. Poor guy... Either he had some internal injuries or after he finally fell asleep he died because of stress.

Every single year there are at least a few animals to be saved here, some of them hunted by cats, some fell from trees, some left by humans, some wounded and looking for a shelter. Every single of them deserves love and care.

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