Things to create -#MarketFriday

Hi friends

Today I have gone back in time, to normal times.
Nobody thought that life would go wrong like this.
This pandemic has changed my life a lot, I guess like all of you.

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My hands were dedicated in my free time to crafts and when there was a fair it was a holiday, many new things at hand, much more variety than in the stores in my city and you always learned new things and wanted to buy everything.

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Nowadays the crafts and creativity of my hands has stopped, I suppose it is the mood that is a bit sad, I make up for it with photography, but still I miss my dolls, those little ones that came out of a piece of TV and they had their own personality.

AFRICANA 018.jpg


So the fair was like candy on the doorstep of a school, an eagerly awaited day.
The fabrics, with those bright and colorful patterns, so folded and with so many possibilities.

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Ribbons of all styles, with pearls, wider, narrower embroidery and you thought, Where can I use it?

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Everyone wanted to buy the colorful painted and baked pendant.

IMG_6627 copia.jpg

The woods for paintings, I have marked my city in red haha, this is like the world of #hive here in this small painting are all our houses.

IMG_6716 copia.jpg

IMG_6704 copia.jpg

IMG_6702 copia.jpg

Those thimbles that you will never use since they are ornaments with the name of my city.

IMG_6667 copia.jpg

The pavilion full of people, without fear of the winged, without a mask and touching everything. do you remember?

IMG_6723 copia.jpg

Sometimes I think I have to start creating again.

Imagen 322.jpg

Imagen 314.jpg

Yesterday I modernized, hehe, that is, they gave me the first Moderna vaccine. Do you think that I will get pigtails and it will take away years and sadness? Haha you have to laugh a bit these days.

Imagen 092.jpg

Happy market day #MarketFriday that the beautiful @dswigle makes us come together to see all the wonders of the world


Let's hope that little by little our spirits will rise and we will see the happiest marked.

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Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

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