Market Friday : The slum market is relatively cheap : Shop for items with high discounts

Welcome to the cheap #MarketFriday

Hello hiveans !
I am a homeless worker living in urban areas, today I visited a shopping center in a slum village, it looks like an old fashioned place but the people here are very friendly and kind. In the past week, this shopping center was opened only once which fell on Friday. Most of the merchants from the city came down to the countryside and brought their wares, on Friday is a shopping center weekend, many quality goods are sold cheaper than the price in the shops. Some rural communities and people from urban areas go to the countryside to buy various types of daily necessities, where generally goods are sold relatively cheaply compared to prices in shops or in urban shopping centers.

This place is located in Indonesia, which is located on the island of Sumatra Aceh, this tradition is familiar to us people, we often call it the weekend market, or #MarketFriday. This activity has been going on from year to year.


A man sells bananas under a tent, I buy bananas at a cheap price of IDR 7,000 per kilo or 0.7 usd. Natural bananas are very good for health.



The market looks unfit and the places are shabby but these sales look bad and uninhabitable this is temporary which only operates one day. There are a number of street vendors who use the sidewalks to sell various types of merchandise. All traders are temporary, they take advantage of Friday weekends, to sell their wares, people from every corner of the countryside even from rural villages come down to this shopping center to buy various needs. The price is very cheap with a high discount, therefore people are hunting to buy it, for example, flour costs IDR 7000 per kilo or 0.8 usd, the price of chicken eggs is usually sold in the city at IDR 40,000 per kilo or 4 usd, when compared to the price in this cheap market is the price of chicken eggs is only Rp. 28,000 or 2 usd, make it cheap?

Why are things cheaper in the market Friday?

Sales figures are cheaper because traders don't need to rent a shop at a more expensive price, rental prices in urban areas reach IDR 40,000,000,000 or USD 3000,000,000 per year, therefore merchandise is cheaper on #marketFriday than from shops urban.



I arrived early, it was still quiet, I thought I would avoid the crowds because the health protocol has been set by the government for the transmission of covid 19. The clock is still showing 7 am, the consumers don't look crowded yet. I will shop more easily without having to queue. 😀





This traditional market looks bad and dirty but the goods traded are safe and clean. As I said above, this #MarketFridayis temporary only operates one day, namely on Friday. The day started at noon, shopping center visitors began to crowd the sales location. If on certain days people from rural areas shop at urban shopping centers, even though the prices are more expensive, all consumers must understand it, because the #MarketFriday gives consumers a little advantage.

Shop at the market September 17th #MarketFriday by @dswigle. Shabby traditional market, relatively cheap necessities in rural #MarketFriday!

A few hours with #MarketFriday :)

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