Avocado Frozen Dessert on #marketfriday

Avocados were not readily available in the markets of the small towns where I spent the earlier years of my life. When they finally became available, they were expensive because they had to be shipped by truck from far away. So, I became an adult and had moved to another location before I tasted my first avocado, but I was immediately hooked on them! The creamy consistency of the fruit is wonderful and the subtle taste is fabulous! I enjoy them raw with crunchy flatbread, diced in a salad, or blended into a guacamole dip.

I was shocked to see a frozen dessert in the freezer case of my local market recently and the name "Cado" made me do a double-take. What...? A frozen avocado dessert...? 😳 As it turns out, there is only avocado oil in it, not bits of the fruit, itself, although that would have been good, too!

There are several types of "fat" that can be in foods. Some of them are not good for the human body, such as Saturated Fat and Trans Fats. However, there are two types of unsaturated Fats — monounsaturated and polyunsaturated — which are beneficial to the human body. These fats are present in fatty fishes such as salmon, in some nuts, olive oil, and in avocados!【source: this site & a gazillion other websites & books-in-print】

The term "frozen dessert" encompasses many different styles of treats. This particular one isn't like an ice cream, but has a consistency more like a sorbet. Since only the oil of the avocado is used, there is no taste of avocado present, just a taste similar to a conventional sorbet or gelato. Of course, since this is a rather specialized product made from all natural ingredients, it is pricier than some other items in the same section of the freezer case. But, the healthier ingredients will make it worthwhile to some people, just as organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and other similar items have their following.

The complete list of ingredients can be seen in the photo below, along with the nutrition information. It is comforting to see natural ingredients in the list instead of chemical names that can't be pronounced by the average person. I must admit to being mystified, however, by the mention of things such as "Cassava Root Syrup" of which I've never heard previously. I'm also wondering about the listing of pea starch, pea protein, and pea fiber — why not just say "peas" were used? I mean, after one extracts the starch, protein, and fiber from a pea, what is left...? 😂

This purchase was simply to satisfy my curiosity about it. It was tasty and satisfied the tummy! I would certainly consider purchasing it again, especially if it were on sale, although it will not be a regular purchase. Have you ever tried a similar product? What were your impressions?




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