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Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, that's me!!) Join me as we share our markets across the globe. I always look forward to seeing what you send me! It is amazing to see the different markets and cultures of our friends here on Hive. Going places, doing things, buying merchandise. I have been surprised by many, not being familiar with the culture and I must say that it has been such an educational experience for me in so many ways and I hope for you also. This week, I went to the local nursery to buy flowers. It is that time of year again! My favorite time! Time to give more plants to the garden! Let's go to Merrifield's!!

We are quickly heading into the warmer months. We are already into the warmer months. Have you got your garden or balcony pots started? If you have, I need a garden update!

Market Friday nusery.jpg

This is one of the many nurseries in the metro area. Today we will go to the one in Falls Church. It is acres and acres big and goes on for almost forever. It has several covered areas, one has all the perennial flowers (flowers that come back on their own, year after year) and another that has annual flowers. (Flowers that die off after the growing season ends) It is privately owned and operated by an exceptionally nice family. They have three stores in the Washington, DC area and I chose the one that is the closest to me today because they have the most variety, always! The people they employ there are very knowledgeable and have taught me much useful information regarding my gardens. Two of the employees teach me little photography tricks and one girl gives me tips on life. (Some are pretty good too!) So, it is really a one-stop-shop of sorts. Did I mention that they have a knick-knack shot too along with their garden supplies?


Merrifield Garden Center: 8132 Lee Hwy., Falls Church, Virginia 22042. Close enough to the District to make it convenient and far enough away to give them some land to put it on. A match made in heaven, yes? I could #MarketFriday here every week. It is one of my favorite places to go.

Market Friday flowers.JPG

The variety of plants is staggering, an abundant presence of thriving beauty, being in bloom. The plants are usually very healthy-looking and are watered and cleaned up to look fresh. Most everything looks like they just got it off the delivery truck.

20210505_123457 MF.jpg

The staff has great customer service skills, they are friendly and very knowledgeable, a huge plus for the days I don't have a clue. They help select plants for the type of garden you have. Mine is very eclectic, having a little bit of everything in it.


I love the geranium, especially the Ivy variety. Whereas the regular geraniums grow tall and upright, the Ivy Geranium hangs down and makes for a lovely sight. The regular geranium has soft leaves and the Ivy have a smaller and waxy/shiny leaf. I love planting them in window boxes that sit on the sills and let them grow long all summer long.

Things to think about: Always consider the shape of the plant when choosing one. It should be nicely shaped for the kind that it is. Consider the sunlight/shade you have in your yard and pick varieties in accordance. Consider your space and think about how much time you have for the upkeep of your garden.

Center Crest.png

Now that I have bought all that I needed there, I come home and plant them, but, only after the sun has started to go down. I never plant in the middle of the day once it gets warm. It seems the plants do much better when they are planted in the early evening. These are the Ivy Geraniums I chose to put in my window boxes. I brought them back from Germany with me and have used them every year.


I bought a few different kinds of petunias and I have a three-tiered planter that is on my front porch, overflowing with a variety of flowers. I planted petunias in pink and yellow on the top basket.


Here is the bottom two tiers of the basket. The flowers have been in a few weeks now and are starting to flow out of the basket. It will get a lot bigger before summer is over and a few of them I may need to take out and put somewhere else, it is the first time I have put those purple ones in and they are growing bigger than desired. So, we will see how it all grows in. Eclectic and true, these flowers seem to be just like me. I am happy with the way they came out. A little bit of everything mixed together.

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Rules of the Road

Go to the market, or anywhere that you pay money for a service.
Take pictures! Be creative (or not, we don't judge!)
Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
Post the picture(s)
Use the MarketFriday Community Platform to post #hive-196308
Or drop the link into the MarketFriday post so I can find it
Have fun!

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Please leave the link to your post here so it can easily be found by others. It helps you and me to have them in one place. Where else can you take such a quick trip around the globe? Thank you so much for joining us!! ❤

If you were looking for herbs, they were 50% off. I needed more basil and thyme. The rest of them, I had already started a while back. So now I was complete. Has anyone noticed how expensive herbs and spices have gotten??

Gradient - Green.png

Here is my parsley, all chopped up. This was the first one I started and unfortunately, my basil didn't make it. I think I pinched it back too much.

20210416_144606 (1).jpg

And just like that, this post is done. I hope you had a good time and learned a little something new. As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit and just remember, #MarketFriday loves you! Thank you for supporting the challenge! Have a most fabulous day! Cheers!!

20200614_093756 flowers.jpg

As always, there must be flowers to color my world. #alwaysaflower

I am intrigued by different cultures. It is exciting and yes! I would love to see yours! Don't forget to take photos wherever you happen to be shopping - whether it be the grocery store, the local marketplace, or even an art gallery, a kite festival! Wherever money is exchanged for a service or for merchandise. Be different if you wish! It does not have to be a traditional market! Mine almost never is! You can use the Market Friday Community page #hive-196308, but, please put #MarketFriday by @dswigle somewhere in your post. Thank you so much.

#MarketFriday Loves you!

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