A Forced Semi-Permanent Backyard View

I've either jinx myself or its the god of mischief, Loki, (Thor's brother), who's decided to wreak havoc and strike back after my praises about "my changing backyard views" from Monday to Wednesday, with me glorifying Odin's day, Wednesday; and ever since (Thors-day), my backyard view has been a constant.


I really can't complain because the weather has been glorious, and I know its not unusual for most people to have the same backyard view 5 days in a row, but for us, since our 10-day quarantine in March, this is the longest period we've been in one location, and we hate it most because it is forced, as our narrowboat engine refuses to start.



Our friend @diveratt came to visit us on Friday and he even changed into his "Versace suit", a cheerful orange physique showing Overall, from his days working offshore ships with similar Lister engines as our narrowboat. He actually got Badger started on Friday evening,and @scubahead and myself were optimistic that we would get Badger to start again on Saturday morning to continue our journey, but no such luck.


We however managed to get a tour of the small village of Polesworth where we've been stranded at, and even had an Indian meal of Lamb Dhansak from a restaurant that strategically has a vent which blows the smell of curry onto the canals to entice boaters and passerbys to stop.

Polesworth appears to be a small town where everyone knows each other or is at least familiar with faces around town. Even kids playing and ridiculing "Alan", a drunken man, who was denied my assistance when he knocked on my boat seeking help to fish Haribo Sweets from the canal.


Having spent so many days at this one location enables me to recognise dogs and their owners who go by for walks morning and evening, and I can vividly match the faces to the rhythmic movement of the backsides of women who quietly walk by.


Two marine engineers from the River and Canal Rescue (RCR) have been twice, the 2nd guy for second opinion, (still not fixed), and the irony is that the guy we purchased our boat from, whom we've not met in person and somehow, has not been our call-out engineer yet (oh, from the photos of the previous owner, he has a long, thick ponytail, and I've had ample time sharpening my scissors), maybe our timing is wrong? But I think he might have the answers and/or he should swing by and show his face and get the engine sorted.

To be honest, I've welcomed the past static days by catching up with things I've been unable to do while traveling. The downsides are that being stuck means our water tank is running low, which you can identify by the bow of the boat tilting upwards, garbage is piling up and we have to wait to get to designated disposal areas for boaters.
Luckily, @scubahead was able to take away "eaten food" in a cassette toilet to the closest Elsan (aka shithouse). #narrowboatlife

Some other challenges are that we are low on power and hot water since the engine is inactive, so our batteries are now unreliable too, and we've had to resort to using our mobile phones for pictures, videos, blogging and vlogging, and also heating water on the stove for showering (not that bad an experience really).




I still try to keep my herbs alive by watering them sparingly with storage water, as the sun is scorching, and although I'm sure the neighbouring families across from the canals, have realised that we have not overstayed in their backyards by choice or liberty, but I bet they are dying for us to go and reclaim their backyard views, as much as we're looking forward to scouting out more stunning backyard views.


As it stands, it's coming up to the 21:00 hour on Tuesday and our laptops are dead and my camera battery is flashing and about to die, so I'm unable to upload this photo of birds flying under the bridge, that is making me smile as they look line a silver lining of a view that I'm now bored of.

It's my first time posting in this community, an opportunity I never thought would present itself ;) But, guess what, if trained mechanics / engineers can identify that it's a minor problem, but cannot find out what it is, who am I to get mad? I only wish they'll get a light bulb moment soon or send over the previous owner who I am convinced knows the answer.

Thank you for stopping by!

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