Think With Caffeine #75

So the last of my think with caffeine was about my pilot production of the bakery biz. That was when I stopped having caffeine completely. Then now, since I start it again, I want to revive this one.

I got my matchapresso ready!

This morning I attended a zoom seminar on environmental and waste management for youth. Though it's not my field but my biological family are working in that field. So, sometimes I get invited to attend seminars related to environmental science and management. I also had experience working in projects in this field.

By now, at least I understand the concept of smart city, proper waste management, industrial waste management, and also waste policies.

What strikes me as really interesting is that I hangout with some friends who don't believe in global warming and environmental issues. While I am also close to this field. So, what about myself? I am a skeptic but I am also just someone who hopes that my place of living is becoming better through these technological inventions and progressive policies.

What I normally see these days is that talking about environment online is quite political. While what I experience in these talks are mostly people trying to find out how to make their place of living a better place through modern innovation and progressive policies.

Back in 2019, I was doing a community service in a village where they have a waste bank. So, basically these people collect the waste and then they get money for it. This place also works as a community center and women empowerment. The organizer and the staffs are women who are also having aerobics in the morning. I am happy to have witnessed that experience. And I think that more place in Indonesia should seriously implement that.

Then yesterday, I was notified about FDA is about to submit request to WHO on international Kratom Ban. If you don't know what Kratom is, you can check out my post on it Kratom The Internet Legal High and Recent Regulation.

Nevertheless, in a new development, kratom will be banned entirely in 2022 in Indonesia. However, for now, people can still find kratom legally in all online marketplace in Indonesia. The seller sells it as medicinal herb tea as intended and regulated by the Indonesian government. The price varies from 2$ for 250gr to 8$ for 1kg super green strain.

Indonesia is also the highest supplier of Kratom in the world. The industry of it is huge in Kalimantan and a lot of people are relying on it. There was talks from the local goverment to stop the ban but now with this recent action from FDA it may speed it up and even criminalizing the user and the sellers. South east asia is very strict on their drug laws, so if this will be implemented more people are going to go to be criminalized and also loosing their livelihood. I will write further about it in a separate post on how we can help to stop the ban on kratom internationally.

And then, with so many things going on currently, my energy keeps draining so fast and I am back to my old habit which is sleeping in the AM. So, today I am trying to reverse it again because it's going to impact me more down the line. I don't want to get sick again.

Finally, my super app blog is soon to be completed. I mean, it's quite long to write it and I hope that I won't miss any information about it and how it works. The concept of it is similar to blockchain. I try to frame it in Hive and ethereum concept, it's almost similar but obviously, they are working in different realm which is within the fiat industry. I think the only problem with blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the lack of proper regulation. It constantly changes and it is not helping when the fiat cartel doesn't want to get a new competitor. Alright, so, that's all the update for now.


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