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Hello Everyone,

Travelling used to be a time, where you are away from all part of the world. Infact it is not wrong to say that you are of yourself. That is why scholars use to say, "take a break from your usual routine, pack your bags and go on holiday."

It is my personal experince that everyone must go on vacation atlease twice in a year, it gives immense relaxation to your mind body and soul. This refreshment further helps you to look life from a different angle. Alongwith it you also able to see life in a new dimension.

Anyway I have some fantastic time on my work cum vacation time and explore some unknown territory, also give a meaningful look to the life. How I have seen the life in a new way...?? Check out my video for more.

In short , "Time spent in loneliness is always sacred."


Namaste @steemflow

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