Can't expect every day to be a good day. It is also necessary to be familiar with the worldliness. Dtube lifetalk

Hi beautiful world!
Happy Friday to all..
This is my dtube lifetalk conversation that I made in this video. Since night I am not feeling well, there is some sickness, throat pain and also have to go two time vomiting at night. My voice after that cracked, changed. I don't know what is the exact reason but I can say definitely that this is the part of life. We cannot expect each day as a good day. There is 30 day in a month and we cannot expect that each day will be in our favour. This is the twist of life that we have to accept. It should be accepted by everyone as a responsibility given by God and try to treat it better way in these circumstances.God tests our stamina. so we should not make any complaint against these situation and wait for a good moment.
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