Redemption - A Swing In The Right Direction

Hello again WeedCash - HIVE readers. Last time I talked a bit about Larf and some low rent wannabe nuggets. I laid into the runner a bit on my last post but not as much as I did the grower. A grower should want to keep that rep. The fucker with the best cannabis. That bag was acquired through the local black-market, as all of our markets are blacked out in my region. There were a few nice photos once you really got deep in there. If you would like to check it out just click [Intros - GSC And A Lesson On Larf]

This week I'm going to talk about a bit of redemption, on the runner's part anyway. So I was looking to pick a sack up this evening and decided to hit up the ol' middle-man.

Sent out the comms- "Anything Good?"

Nicely responded with- "Got some good no-names."

Excellent! Then I hit him with the jokes, sent him the comm- "Chunky? Or Feathers?"

He laughed but assured it was chunky. Sweet! Like the doctor says, I'll take 2. Eighths that is. Or a quarter ounce. You pick your own terms. We deal in insert your cannabis slang here (ie, Tickets, Herbs, Lids, VIPs, Dank, Nugs, Medication....)

So after a couple hours it was time for the meet, with the all familiar knock at the door. Like a kid on Christmas morning, you know that feeling, the what am I going to get here feeling. I won't lie, I am a picky bastard when it comes to canna. I want the best, the flamest of the flame; and damn it; I want it cheap. As a grower myself, I find that I often hold my standards a bit higher than even some of my closer friends.

In my defense, I'm also trying to capture the best canna shots I possibly can, reviewing cannabis is my pleasure and I like my pleasure a lot. I find it hard to fill the urge to shoot photos of bomb as buds when the buds are continuously the same and or shitty. To think of it, that would be a kick ass service I could offer to growers out there... Send me your nugs, see it reviewed. Anyways on with this friggin redemption.

As you can see, the runner came through pretty nicely this time. A couple nice sized tops, a bit leafy, covered in crystal and a really nice citrussy lemon scent.



This bag is chunky, but it is made up of lightweight buds. Not a knock, just an observation. The cannabis has a lime green color with darker drab to olive green hues. The clumps of red hairs give it some reddish tan swirls amongst the opaque white trichomes. It is a very pleasant bud to look at. The structure of the calyx's climbing up the stems uniformly gives the bud a really nice conical look. Out of this quad I received 2, three inch buds and a bit of popcorn. The bag has a nice appearance as the 2 main buds have a base diameter of about 1 inch. Decent.



I ended up snapping a lot of photos of this bud trying to get a really top notch representation of the visual quality.


Cannabis is so soothing to look at. I can get lost in the pictures sometimes while I'm writing these posts. It is an entirely different world up close and personal. The colors of this No-Name is rather uniform as well. Very balanced.


In my opinion, from the looks, this bud was pulled just a bit early. There is a lot of trichomes that have not even filled up yet. When you can se through the trichomes, when they look like glass, it is too early. You want nice milky white trichomes, they should look opaque a bit like white plastic. Then, judge your ambers.

Here is a dump of some more photos before I get to hitting it up...












In the word of Tommy, "Alright Man", let me load some of this into the pipe. The breakup is a very pleasantly lemony citrus smell, it isn't shy about kicking up an aroma. Rather peculiar if you ask me, the smell was there in the bag, but not as nice as when I pinched it all up, shattering the trikes with my fingers, releasing the terps.

So far so good with this sack. If it tastes as good as it smells I'm in for a treat.

I hope you agree, this gals fruit looks wonderful in the bowl. Almost shameful to torch it up.





The first hit does carry some citrus to it. The lemony taste keeps my mouth nice and watery, the hit was really smooth. The exhale was really good tasting, the smoke leaves a coating of flavor on its way out. Something to tie the taste to the smell. Two nice rips went down no issue, however on the third hit, cough. A good cough, a couple nice hacks to make the bystanders look, is that Covid? Along with the cough comes a light headed sensation, a tiny tingle in the hair. This bud is accompanied by a floaty buzz. If I had to say, a more sativa leaning strain. There is no hold on me here. It is a subtle buzz, one you know you have when you think about it, but one that is not in the way of accomplishments. I would say this bud could be a bit more potent or have a bit more noticeable buzz per say. This may just be due to grabbing her a bit early.

Each smoker has a preference, I lean more toward the 20-30% amber. I want to fight the buzz a bit.

The smoke carries a very pleasant smell, a very noticeable marijuana odor. To those who smoke, a very delightful smell indeed.


After the pickup last time, the runner sure is headed back in the right direction with quality. This bag is nothing to complain about and I would have no problem paying the $80 USD for this strain again. Which brings me to this weeks public service anouncement.

Chain Of Custody - Sellers please maintain the chain of custody in regards to strain name. It is nice to know what to look out for in the future when you end up delivering that bomb ass holy shit bag.

This bud smoked pretty nicely, it was a bit on the airy side so it burns up really fast, either pack it tight or pack it often your choice. Overall if it were a 5 star system I'm giving this a solid 3-3.5. I would like to see it a bit less airy, or for that matter, for the buds to just have a bit more moisture to them. The buzz is solid though so make sure when you see some Oh Ya ???? scoop it up. See sellers? It would be nice to know what we're talking about here, chain of custody!

Until next time all of you out there, toe toe toke it up.


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