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Hello Weedcash Network, hope all of your new years have started out on a high note! New years brings new beginnings, and with that I am going to be hitting up the Weedcash blog a bit more frequently. I have been solely focused on for a couple years now exclusively. As I will continue to support Smoke with my witnessing and also continue to post there, I need to get my feet wet outside of Smoke.

To introduce myself once again to this network, here is a bit about me. I currently live in an illegal cannabis state in the US. This doesn't bring me down and or thwart off the fact of a 3 pounder growing out back in the yard. I have kids. I have been growing cannabis for years, with each season better than the last. I am an outdoor grower that uses training techniques indoors, late winter, in preparation for a bountiful harvest. My climate is northern and I often have to flirt with late frost retreat to early frost onset. This makes my grows rather interesting if you ask me. I can say I know a couple other local growers and we trade advice and genetics occasionally. I love learning new ways to tweak that girl to get all she can give. I also love to take photographs of the marvelous beauties I come across and review them for everyone to see. With that let's talk about some GirlScoutCookies(GSC).

This batch of GSC is from a local black-market grower. I paid $40.00US for 3.5g of this from one of my friends. I really don't need to buy any weed as last season was good to me, but sometimes I just like to smoke something different. I know you growers out there know what I mean. You can puff on 3 pounds forever. This bag needs a public service announcement, which I will now provide.

Larf- Small fluffy bud sites which grow under the main canopy. The lack of light makes these buds less desired as an end product due to their leafy airy structure.

Nothing like paying for a bag of Larf. Feels like you have gotten taken. It is rather funny to me, a grower, I know where that came from. After all, no one wants to trim it all up so naturally the Larf comes with unmanicured bud wannabes. However, the guy paying for it doesn't want to get it I can assure you this. I know, I know it all needs to go somewhere, I use Larf for my butter and and tinctures. Anyway, my rant is done on with the photos.

This GSC isn't the best I have seen that is for sure. The fact it's Larf makes it hard for me to want to review it but what the hell, how good can we make sub par cannabis look?





As you can see from the top view, this bud, well this grass is really leafy. Yha it's a sugar leaf, but come on. The color is quite bright, I don't see much of the tell tale purps that GSC is known for, some, but this is also attributed to getting the low on the branch clutter.

I am a fan of a good quality GSC bud, you know the little greenish purple rocks you can stand on. Yha, when someone tells me GSC that is what I'm expecting. Not some green leafy. On with the looks...

Let me pick out the best looking "bud" in the bag.




Ok, so the buds are fuzzy, that's a bonus. After all it is the trikes we're after right. You can see the wantings of purple hues in it, just no full blown yo we got some purp over here. I'm sorry, I can't get past the leaf. I mean leaves.

So what do these trikes look like? I really got to see.





So if I just posted those pics, this bud looks ok, unfortunately I look from a bit further perspective by eye. There is an abundance of trichomes within the Larf as it is broken up so the grower has one thing going for them. I sure would like to sample and actual bud from this plant. Here are some more images...




This batch is a smooth smoker even with the fact it has a lot of leafy matter. This makes me want to sample a better bud of this particular batch. I'd hate to slam a guy for a bad bag when for all I know the gal was an award winner. [doubtful] Smooth and citrusy, that is the first hits exhale. A rather warming feeling in the dome. Second hit still carries the flavor, a bit more pronounced on the citrus, and just a slight harshness. Cough. Seems to have a spacey cerebral effect as my brain feels a bit further from the skull it once rubbed. The taste is not too bad, it has a slight known GSC flavor, but in my opinion it just doesn't have that fullness, the deep creamy cookie taste I think of.

You might think this is not true GSC with all the things subtracting from its rank with it being black-market an all. Unfortunately, the guy I grabbed this from is the middle-man. He gets it straight from the grower. Why I'm knocking the grower here. As a grower myself, the last thing I want is someone to get a sub par product I produced. Pride, Rep, Name Recognition, pick your own reason.

PSA #2021001 - Don't Sell Your Larf As Quality Cannabis

Here's a few more side shots of the bud.




Overall the best part of this batch of GSC is the buzz. The looks were not that great, the leafy Larf really burnt up way to quickly as you would guess. There was just no structure to the buds. The colors were off and the smell was average. If it were a 5 star system this shit gets a 2, because I'm high and didn't have to cough my ass off to get there.

Well that is a wrap on my first Weedcash cannabis review. I hope you all enjoyed it, if not smoke one and read it again. Repeat until it looks good!

Until next time, toe toe toke it up!


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