Cannabis goes beyond smoking alone

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Thier as been many speculations on eating raw cannabis and with so many people saying it is not possible to eat it,but with this write up,it shows that cannabis is not only smoked after it as been heated,but can be consumed by eating it through cooking means, by adding it to your food.

Eating raw cannabis also will not result in the same effects as taking in cannabis that has been heated,as in edible products like candies, tinctures, and baked goods.

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Though you can’t get high from eating raw cannabis, some cannabis proponents confirmed it that consuming raw cannabis offers unique health benefits due to the wide array of plant compounds that it contains.

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Even apart from the smoking part of it,many cannabis is been used for lot of it,like for rapid growth and protection for hair,in which many add it to their hair cream and even lot of product tht we consumed it eat if am to say has a little bit of cannabis in them.

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