The Big Mack


What's up Weed Nerds! Last night I pulled out the plants to do some Lollipopping, and was able to get a good look. When I pulled out my #2 pheno of The Big Mack F2, I was like, "Damn!" Very happy with the node structure, and tightness of this plant. Even my other pheno has a tight tightness to it.

After 19 days in flower The Big Mack is puffing up, and quite honestly may have the bigger buds out of the bunch. Bigger isn't necessarily better, but who hates big buds? Not this guy, and I will tell no lie;)

As the days go bye, these gals are drinking way more water. Last night I just gave them a reg watering, which for me is RO water with 4mg of the Cal/Mag with a 0-0-0 NPK.

For all my Big Macks out there, and you know who you are, your in for a special treat:()



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