Cannabis Strain Review: Watermelon Zkittles

Watermelon Zkittles!


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First of all, take a look at this photo I found and how bad ass the plant looks. That name is pretty cool, also! I don't know what a zkittle is but I like it! I have never heard of this strain before and it is 25% THC so I HAD to try it! I purchased 3.5g of it yesterday along with the strain I did a review on previously, "Deadhead OG". Both strains were about $10 more, probably because of the THC content, but I am just speculating.



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This strain was from TRYKE Premium. I don't know much about the producers to be honest. The bud is caked in trichomes, which is probably why the THC is higher than normal. It has a fantastic aroma. Along with the deadhead, both have smelled the best of all the strains so far. The "Watermelon Zkittles" smells sweat and fruity! It has a similar "candy" smell to it as deadhead, but this one has a sour overtone. It is classified as an indica leaning hybrid.

The Smoke

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... or vape rather. It had a nice flavor on inhale and exhale. It was slightly sweet with a hint of mint. It was really smooth on inhale and didn't irritate my lungs as much as other strains.

I read a bunch about how it is supposed to "knock you on your ass" because of the heavy relaxation and that it "should be used at night". However, this hasn't been my experience with it. I don't feel like I'm so relaxed that I will pass out, but it definitely presents with the relaxation expected from an indica.

The effects were a bit slow to set in, which is weird because I thought that I had read that this hit fast, but maybe that was the "Deadhead OG". I had actually thought about taking a couple more draws until it kicked in a few minutes later. 🤷‍♂ The high is a bit more heady than "Deadhead OG", but it's nice. It's more of a focused affect which is perfect for me. I haven't noticed the "body tingle" I generally get from an indica. As far as negative effects, I haven't noticed too many yet. I don't have the munchies, paranoia, or dry mouth or eyes. I'm sure the dry mouth and eyes will set in when I smoke more. lol.

My Opinion

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Overall this has been a great strain. It seems to fit my needs well, like the "Deadhead OG". I'll have to try them some more to see if "Watermelon Zkittles" or the "Deadhead OG" is my favorite now. If the Zkittles doesn't end up knocking me on my ass, perhaps it will be a good afternoon smoke for creativity and focus.

I think this strain would be good for those with depression, ADHD, and stress. I'm not a doctor, that is just my opinion and how I see it helping others. Overall I will likely be purchasing this again, perhaps often. I want to try other strains and bring my reviews here, so we'll see when that actually is, haha.

If you like a bit more of the sativa "head high" in your hybrids, this is a decent one. It's not overpowering and it settles in nicely. I would recommend at least checking this strain out regardless. Anyway, thank you for stopping by, and I hope your days are as great as your nights.
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