Iris all Mothers a Happy 3 Days of Their Day.

Depending on location and size of course, could be just one Mothers day, or none for some. Persons opt out, some not voluntary.
Myself I had to celebrate that Day early on Saturday, in laws 😉. Sunday of course, but that is less of celebrate, that's more do nothing. I did chores as usual but nothing, right?
Viva Mexico for keeping the party up. Monday it's Mothers day again. Sweet carry that shit to hump day right? Hope yours was fantastic because ours was.

Happy Mothers Day, Beauty.
This was the line up this year. Gifted to Beauties kin that are mothers, and well of course her mother...
See why 3 Days.
Also my favorite of predators happened to stop by before these left the space.
Ever get that feeling you were be watched. If you share a space with these beasts, you most definitely are.
That's finished out of the 4, not bad not good. Gonna keep going there are going to be FAR larger cars to trim from this train before too long.
Black Cherry Cheesecake x Wilson x 5G, the small clay pot there an the seed starter there. Also another in a recently vacated fabric 1 gal as well.
This leggy looking lady here is the Hearst OG cut that we have left, Doing great, just went thru trim and top as well, hard to tell but it's not there, unlike this Citrus Farmer cut puttin along. NO Rush here.
I am Not Sam , I did read that one though.
Did you see that Netflix adaptation?
You should, it will teach you how to try new things and also not give up and do what you do to the best of your ability. Real pHukin' wholesome and has decent voiceover for the adults as well. The main Character was an inventor turned paint watcher.
That's right, watch the pHucking paint dry.
I'm doing what I do, test. Finished product is nice to have it comes and goes in the test phases an awesome positive. Small Batch.
You see at one time I was making alcohol as clear as water, small batch. Some can attest to it's potency and flavor, and my unconventional methods. Is 3 gal a shot small batch?
I'll say it again, we're looking for something. There's a whole ocean of possibility and variation out there. Patience and details are going to be everything.
I'm looking pHuckin hard to see the bi-nocks.🤓
The long leafed tall one closest to the lens there is showing more each day. At this pint I'm 85% sure it's male. GG x 5G.
That's like 14G's if I back cross it right?
All be it a little cooler out, yes it's a smaller mantis, I'm not trying to fluff my stock's here.
Or my Leaves for that matter.
Big or small, these predators are all over, thankfully. Lot's of lady bug larvae as well. Just not pictured.
Had a side shot lined up for you but just looks all twisted leaves, still does but at least you can maybe find the top.
#3 of the Sluricanne that went in, this one was given the top at the 5th node.
Where's the rest you ask? Growing somewhere else, that's where.
More training to come.
3rd gen cut's always look soo strange in leaf profile. StarGirl in all her beautiful chaos.

This is the Swan OG that preserved. Looking pHantastic, still very playable.
This was My #1 Thin Mintz, not topped just trained.
Top is far more obvious an as you can see, she has given a few cut's that are thriving in the setup boxes already.
I know there are a few more LST's pHanatics so I did get a little close on the turn there for you.
When in the garden chair and the ladies are on the stool being tied and shaped sometimes I think of staircases, or even the occasional DNA strand if I'm lucky to get a split stock.
Which brings me to a conversation with an possible intern around here. They were describing burring the plastic pot in the ground to achieve a taller canopy. Not his fault, his current internship is being served under god knows what type of grower at this point. At any rate see what we can impact for the better on that side.
Got another pot lined up for a new Bon-Sai test. Real shallow maybe 1/2 gallon or less. That wooden fruit basket looking thing there.
This is a test of the emergency propagation network system. This is not actually, it is a live exercise, with Live Rounds.
The reds there house the latest drop from
Jolly Roger Seed Co.
Those 5 Are Banana Godz Og x '73 Baller. That's gonna hit nice if the mother is of any indication, an with addition of the Ballers resin production should definitely punch up it's wash ability as well. Hopefully. Right?
OUT From the Earth rises the First of Jolly Roger.
StarGirl x '73 Baller looking very healthy and hopefully 4 more sisters on the way. Lessons learned the hard way are the most valuable cant' be paid for once. Multiple times usually.
'Nuff of the commercial. If it was one, alternatively, consider yourself dually informed of upcoming projects that you are more than welcome to be part of, when ready of course.

Always with the upgrades. Not Really just second hand that is better than the current. One mans trash right? Diamonds come from coal.
Speaking of upgrade, this pHancy lady had several lines placed and is just about ready for topping to be turned down. She has been pushed at 18hrs under these lights almost, that time for the 12hr drop. 13 to 14 possible cuts for this round, will also try a bit of a monster crop once in flower. Give her a real good "How hardy are you" test.
Challenge bucket or not that's the plan for now, we'll see how it goes.
Going down on a turn on an unknown and having learned from whatever mistakes made, for you that's wisdom. For me hands on experience. Lot to be said for that as well.
Wandering the living room floor in VR climbing the mountain is not like the poor bastard made to carry that camera to the top and keep that shit in focus for you, is another.

This is Mountains over Moon
Moon an Mtns.jpg

Have a Good week, keep focused.
Knottydaddy, Tied Off.

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