Tent Update: 5 Days Into Flower


What's good Weed Nerds! 5 days into flower, and nothing much to report. Hope all is well with you all, and your week was a good one. The weather has been fairly decent here. Mid 60's, but it has been a little windy. The humidity in my tent has been hovering around 53-56 since I took out one of the dehumidifiers, and am just keeping the other one on low. I will keep it this way until a few weeks into flower, and then will hook up the InkBird to the humidifier, and keep humidity in the 46-50 range.

Last night I got into the tent and Super cropped a majority of the tops. Now I did not put on the clips on many, and just did the old fashioned way. Pinch, and snap the tops and let them bend over. This is to slow down the vertical growth, and let the other shoots catch up.


Super Cropping not only helps train your cannabis, or slow down vertical growth, but allegedly that Supper Cropping creates more cannabinoids. Whether this is true or not is up to debate. Do I think so? No clue. However since I started to get a good grip on how to SC, the quality of my cannabis has gone up. Is this because of experience, or from the SC? Verdict is still out.

Above is a branch that was SC a few days ago. Do you see how it is swollen? This is where the potency claim comes from. Nutrients build up in that pocket, creating a healthier, and stronger support for a flower. Even though I can not say that the potency is going to be higher for this flower on this branch. I can say that this branch will be more stronger then what it was.

There was a few spots that I took advantage of to slip on some Super Croppers from @bifbeans. Since I am not going to put up a SCROG, this will serve as my attempt to have every inch of my canopy filled with colas.

I will gradually defoil as growth progresses. I am also sure I will have to get in there and do one more 'lollipopping'. This will be done the day I take these out for the inspection.

I gave them a feeding of some Silica last night, and will be the last one. Next up I will brew some more fertilizer, but also incorporate the Bloom in to it. Also will do one more IPM treatment, before they get some serious flowers. Other then that, I just have to make sure things do not get to hot, or to low. I still have yet to turn up my light to full power, but most likely will turn up to 80% tonight, and see how the tent fairs. Honestly should do well, but I am worried that it will get to dry. But I will find out. Until next time, you all have a great weekend, and you will see me in the comments:)




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