Seeds Starting To Pop!

Hello Everyone,

Today has been a busy day for me, but thankfully it is winding down pretty nicely.

I ran into some catastrophic 3D printer problems, and was also tending to gardening tasks all day while basically freaking out about my printer.

After eight months of tirelessly fixing that thing, it was working great and then went right back to how it was working before.

The good news, is that I fixed it... again. If you're interested in knowing more about it, or if you're just interested in 3D printing content in general, check out my other blog @print3dpro where I'll be making a post after this one and will be going into greater depth about what happened with my printer today.

Right now two of the cannabis seeds have sprouted. One of them is growing fast and is very healthy looking. I've heard fast growing seedlings are a sign of a male, but I've had some fast stretchers turn out female plenty of times. So we will see!


The other seedling seemed like it was getting burned in the tent and I moved it out and under the light rack for now.


This is the 3D printed light rack I'm using right now for plants that need less light, and for plants which shouldn't be in the cannabis tent. Since I only have one small tent, I have to utilize it just for cannabis now, because I learned a lesson about trying to keep everything I'm growing in one area. Let's just say it's not conducive for the health of all of the plants in that small space.

We can also see there's a bunch of 3D printed planters that are empty. I'm planning a little experimentation. Putting a succulent in the window, and some at different heights utilizing 3D printed stacking containers. It will be fun to track the results and gain greater insight into exactly what this plant likes. I've just not gotten to planting them from the other container yet because I've been so busy with other things, and this is just something I keep not getting to.


Here we can see some baby clones in the main pot, looking pretty healthy. Maybe it's not bad that I left them for a little while, because they've been growing and looking real nice lately while under this red/blue panel.

With the bright lumens I'm not sure if the succulents can even handle being in there anymore as @nikv pointed out to me recently, because the windy intense light environment is just too intense for some succulents. She also helped me identify my succulent as a hybrid of Graptopetalum and Sedum. I'm super grateful to learn this! There is no shortage of talented and intelligent people on the Hive blockchain, that's for sure.


Even though these LED's are extremely energy efficient, they certainly produce some intense light, as we can see here.. With the flap open just a little, the light pours out and my eyes really feel it when I'm working in there. I plan to start wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes when I'm working in there now. It might sound a little wimpy or something, but there's nothing wimpy about wanting to keep your eyes in good condition.

I probably won't put them on for quick checks, but if I know I will be spending more than a few minutes in there, then I will.


I transplanted this into a paper planter cup. These things are pretty nice for cannabis, because of the long tap root. You can just carefully rip the bottom of the cup off when you're ready to transplant, and plop her in about 2/3rds of the way into new the planter. I've done this before and it worked out really good, so I will do it again this time.


We can see here the cannabis seedling that sprouted about the same time as the other one. It was starting to look dried out and kind of not very healthy. I transplanted into the paper cup and we can see some vibrant green in the middle. I think the plant will be fine and start taking off growing here in the next couple of days.


We can see a difference in the vibrancy and health of the two sprouts.

They sprouted pretty close to the same time, and the that smaller one isn't even standing straight up yet. That could be another sign of light burn too. If anyone agrees or disagrees, let me know, because I'm not completely certain, it's just an observational guess on my part.

I have two seed trays with six slots each, all random bag seeds in one tray, and the other is seeds I collected from what is probably an Indica. This should work out good if they are Indica, because I'm aiming for a short bushy canopy. Never know how it will work out with bag seed though :D

Here's some photos of the cannabis (unknown strain) that I planted six seeds of. I know this is the cannabis I picked the seeds from, because it's the same stuff I've been smoking for like a year. It's okay stuff.. good all around nug, that will aid in regular restful sleep. I had to grab a little today so I figured I would take some photos so we have an idea of what will be growing soon :)



The trichomes look more on the amber side to me, which tells me this was harvested on the late side.

Word on the streets is it's Cali weed. I'm in New York, and it's definitely possible that this is from California, but that could also be a misdirection if there's a major grower in the area. Just thinking outside the box there. Unless you know the grower, it's hard to ever really know where the cannabis is coming from.. People be fibbin'..

Patti Page - Fibbin' 1958

That will do it for today, as always I appreciate all the kind words and support, tips, tricks, and advice from all of you wonderfully talented people here on the Hive blockchain.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind

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