Cannabis Video Shoot - Behind the Scenes of "ELAmental Forces" - Canna-Contest Incoming

Showing various growth stages of last year's cannabis garden in my upcoming music video ELAmental Forces, provides fair representation of the importance of cannabis in my life, and is one of many visual elements in the video representing the element of Earth (fire, wind, and water are also present).

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It occurred to me however that I did not have any actual harvested buds in the video. I had the idea to shoot one final scene during harvest time, not only so I could include a shot of me with a bin full of cannabis flowers, but also so that I could wear my friend's "Farms NOT Pharms" hemp shirt in the video - I wore as many of my friends' projects' shirts that I had in my wardrobe throughout all the various shots we achieved... this is the one I forgot by accident.


I was able to organize a really cool looking set with a huge tote full of AMAZING indoor Sher-be-Doe cannabis flowers, along with a custom crafted graffiti backdrop that was originally made for JohnStock, a local festival here in Oregon.


As beautiful, cultural, and artistic as this set was, we unfortunately were not able to capture high enough quality shots to use for the video. I asked another friend to help me shoot with his 4k camera, since RxN who recorded the rest of the video lived too far away to ask him to come up for such a quick shot. A combination of lackluster lighting and the fact that my friend's camera was brand new and he wasn't quite used to it, caused for the takes to be dim and out of focus, which will not flow well with the rest of the takes.

Sher-be-Doe Cannabis Flowers


I then decided to take some close up 4k shots of the buds themselves, which actually turned out pretty good (as you can likely see). The trouble with those takes is that the frame rate on my device was not high enough, also rendering these shots useless for the music video.
As a result of all of this, I have but one final solution, to hold a content here on / @canna-curate to achieve the high res / high FPS canna video shot I need to finish this music video. The winner will also get braggin' rights that their buds are in the video, in addition to the Hive prize I will distribute. I will release details about the contest upon the publication of my next post, and will be using this article as a reference for it.
Bless n' Blaze up fam! - P.S. - @jonyoudyer recommended I reach out to @davedickeyyall for a possible solution to this equation. Dropping the tag in hopes you can help brotha.

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ELAmental Forces Behind the Scenes Series Video Links

Shots at the Oregon Coast

Shots at Abiqua Falls

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