Cannabis does NOT cause "Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome"

Fake news about intense vomiting caused by cannabis is making the rounds again, so it's time to debunk it again.

(My latest crop of Reclining Buddha, grown with nothing but air, light, water, and organic soil!)

CNN (and other unwatched irrelevant racist lying state propagandists) are back on the "cannabis is dangerous" bandwagon. Here's another article about a phony condition they invented called CHS, or "cannabis hyperemesis syndrome".

"Uncontrollable Vomiting Due to Marijuana Use on Rise"

Emesis is vomit, so CHS is literally "puking a lot because of cannabis". But what part of the substance that people are smoking is responsible? Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, and dozens of terpenes and other compounds that have medicinal properties.

And as the media notes, cases seem to jump up when cannabis is "legalized". The legalization process changes how cannabis is grown. Instead of tiny crops of plants grown for self and friends, it's massive industrial warehouses of plants grown for profit. Dozens of "approved" pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other chemical products are permitted on legalized cannabis, even cannabis marked "organic". It is completely plausible these cases of vomiting are caused by something being increasingly used in the production process. But the media always comes to the baseless conclusion that THC is the culprit. You know, the stuff that gets you high and makes you think outside the box, the stuff that cures cancer, the stuff that holds my PTSD at bay.

I researched this when they started making up CHS years ago. Here is an article I wrote to explain it.

"CHS" is in reality Azadirachtin poisoning. Azadirachtin is a compound from the Neem plant. Neem is used extensively in food production, and made the crossover to cannabis in recent years, as an organic way to remove bugs and other issues. Sadly, when heated and inhaled, Azadirachtin is toxic, causing all the symptoms seen in the mythical "CHS", which is conveniently blamed on THC.

One way to prove this, is take someone suffering from intense vomiting after cannabis, and give them other cannabis, from different sources. See what happens when they smoke cannabis from a completely different grower, using completely different methods, for example. Give them cannabis grown my MY garden, 200% organic, which means no products of any kind are used. If they don't get sick from it, THC is not the culprit. It's sad that CNN did not even do this simple test. They just demonize THC, the very thing most cannabis users are after.

Please stop using Neem on cannabis plants. You are hurting anyone who uses the buds you're producing, and I know that isn't something you want to do. There are so many alternatives. And please spread the word, because the state continues to lie to the public, demonizing THC, the safest and most therapeutic compound known to man, and allowing cannabis users to continue being poisoned.



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