I bought 420 Hustler miners today and other randomness

As part of my spending $420 on the Hive blockchain by 4-20-21 I've been buying some stuff. Today I bought 420 HUSTLERM. They were very inexpensive .1 hive each

If you want more info on HUSTLER see this post Lots of cool stuff happening here.

I also am planning on getting more WEED miners. I've tested the WEEDM vs dcity WEED farms and the miners for now are producing more even though they cost a bit more than the dcity weed farms right now (WEEDM prices are up, dcity prices are down) .

I am still a bit conflicted as to what if anything I will be doing with dcity. The taxes are ridiculous and have been way too high for too long and it's not fun for me to play right now. I'm not ready to give up just yet, I just don't want to play or put more resources into it until I see what happens when they roll out the new stuff.

Kind of off topic but is anyone else having a hard time claiming WEED tokens? I have tried to claim for several days now and nothing happens (not even a Hive Keychain trigger).I logged out , back in and even have tried to claim tokens outside of Weedcash and still it doesn't work (though in this instance hive keychain is triggered, but the tokens are not actually sent to my wallet). This has happened before but it usually fixes itself in a few hours or a day max. Its been several days now. I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue ...

Thanks for reading.

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