Big Moves! | Happy HPUD!

Hive Power Up Day!

Today I did some transferring and working around preparing for this months HPUD. I wanted to make sure everything was set and in line for what my goal was. In which was finally hit the 500 Powered Up HP mark. . . I woke up to a very nice transfer to me by @bashadow in which is very much appreciated. Thank you for that!


Now my turn

Hive Powerup.PNG

99 HP is now powered up this month! well.. more like 2 months, I've been a bit sporadic with my posts so I hadn't realized it was the first last month. Nonetheless, I am slowing progressing and my goal is to hit One Thousand powered up hive by year's end. I don't know if it is realistic with schooling and an overdrive (soon) in work but I am going to do my best to make good content to get there.


We did it! I have finally passed the first step and leveled up! When I began, I wasn't too sure what I was doing, yet alone if I wanted to pursue doing this long term. It's only been right around 6-7 months but I now know for sure that I made the right choice.

It's been quite a journey thus far. And just to think this is only the beginning. I have soo much more to look forward to and improve on to better myself and my content. Thank you all that have supported me and my endeavors.


And as always, thanks for reading!
Until next time...


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