Rising Star Diary #28 (Giveaway!!!)

Hello friends and welcome to my twenty-eighth day in Rising Star!!

Another day passed, but my career didn't stop and along with that, I decided to bring another giveaway (no surprises this time). I was thinking and I will also create a giveaway routine in my posts. My initial idea is to do it one day before the festival and 3 days after it, that is, as the festivals happen on Wednesdays, my giveaways will happen every Tuesday and Saturday (interestingly my first giveaway was Saturday without this planning) for the duration of the stock haha... at the end I'll tell you what today's card will be.


Stats: +160 fans/ +2 luck/ +131 skill/ +2 IM

Giveaway Results: Today I won 2 Giveaways!!

Thanks @captaincryptic!!Thanks @madmanmusic!!

My routine:

  • 5x Illegal Busking (1525 starbits and 50XP/ 1 coffee and 34 drunk fans)
  • 5x Radio Interview (1546 starbits and 55XP/ 2 pizzas and 1 coffee)
  • 5x Open Mic Night (1841 starbits and 100XP/ 2 pizzas and 57 drunk fans)
  • 5x Midweek Support Slot (2288 starbits and 255 XP/ 2 coffees and 150 drunk fans)
  • 1x Radio Studio Session (743 starbits and 65 XP)

This is my level at the time I write this post:

This is the amount of starbits at the time I write this post:

This is my Ego at the time I write this post:


To participate, the rules are as follows:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Comment anything you want (please leave your name in Rising star if it's different from what you're commenting here)

I will use this site to make the draw: https://pt.piliapp.com/random/wheel/.
It's just these rules if you want to participate in today's giveaway which will be a ..... 28 Nathan.


The winner will be announced Saturday! Good luck for all!!
Thank you for reading and GG!!! 😀😀

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