Today's Rising Star Giveaways (Sunday 23rd May)


It's great to see so many players running giveaways and competitions and we thought we would produce a concise list each day so you know which ones are currently active and can be joined.

So without further ado here is today's list:

@benjaaa 10,000 Starbits


@holoferncro Daily - Today 6676 Starbits


@pablodare Daily - Minimum 1 x 1000 Starbits


@mk992039 Daily - Today 975 Starbits


@mawit07 Daily - 8 Rising Star NFTs


@keniel16 Daily - Rising Star NFTs 3 x 1 Common Card


@linkxdx Daily Monday - Friday 6 Rising Star NFTs


@playbyhive Daily - 1 Rising Star NFT


@apprentice001 3 x 1000 Starbits


@musicuniversity Rising Star NFTs E15 Mellow Tone, R43 String Machine & Common Character (ends 26 May 21)


@jfang003 Rising Star NFT - Rare Character (ends 29 May 21)


@ynwa.andree Rising Star Cold Pizza Slice NFT (ends 24 May 21)


@cryptofiloz Rising Star NFT - One Card, you choose


@sentipl Rising Star NFT - One Rare card + Starbits Jackpot


@savvyplayer Rising Star Cold Pizza Slice NFT


Good luck!

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