Want to earn STARPRO but the bids are too high? Read this......

Lets make this change.

For days and weeks we have a couple of players hogging the STARPRO rewards and I have been trying to get a good share but its hard... Now I have discovered something that can put a damper on the efforts of the players trying to hog the starpro.. Look at this first image..

As you can see, its ONLY me and him with bids, he has 273, I have 5... BUT Im still getting STARPRO.. How is this you might ask? Well Check out the next image of yesterdays rewards.

As you can see there is ONLY 12 people on the list, but this about is like this.... There is MORE room on the list. If we ALL go through out the day and bid on a few, you will make the list and you will get SOME reward if you are on the bottom of the list... Im not sure how many people will get credit, but the more of us who take a little, the rewards for hogging the Music Promoter will be less and less worth their effort..



What to do... TLDR:

Go bid on a few, dont pool a 100,000 STARBIT to do it, Just do 1000 at a time, a couple times a day, and BAM you'll have enough STARPRO to do your Festival after doing it for a day or 2.

REMEMBER, The more people who make at least 1 bid, The less the power players will get.

Hope this helps, Hope I explained clearly. Hit me up if you have any questions


PS @risingstargame I been thinking, if you wanted to avoid angry players, LIMIT the amount of bids to 1 at a time, after all, a music promoter in real life couldn't handle 8 jobs in 1 day... :)

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