Mega 24 packs opening #5 | Giveaway R76 George

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Hi everyone, at the beginning I want to thank You all for participating all my giveaways and i hope You'll like it,
at this moment i have a lot of cards, so i decided to making giveaways daily from today, so to don't miss any giveaway follow me and i wish You luck.

This time I made the biggest opening at this moment, 24 packs and it wasn't so bad, 2 epics and few new rares, i hope You'll enjoy

R76 George is a card for giveaway

How to participate in giveaway:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Follow me, if You don't want to miss any giveaway
  3. Leave a comment with your Rising Star name
  4. 09.07.21 at 16:00 Rising Star game time i will choose random name and i will transfer a card

I hope You'll enjoy, have a nice day

You can support me, if You want more giveaways by buying my cards from Rising Star market place, Thank You

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