Met Jerry Garcia in my Rising Star career + CARD GIVEAWAY

Can't have enough of these recommendations

Although my Rising Star crypto game's leveling has taken a huge hit, I haven't stopped playing it, not even for a single day. One of the first things I do in the morning is open the Rising Star website, so I can start my Saturday Headline mission. That's how I still got 7k STARBITS even though I've barely paid attention to the game. Not bad, eh? But I want to level up, so now that I'm not under stress anymore, I'll try focusing on music lessons again. Saturday Headlines are easy, but they provide really crappy experience points.

I ditched those 7k STARBITS in leodex though, I admit it. But worry not - when that one thing pays off, I'll make sure to buy some STARBITS again. Opening 12-packs is just so satisfying. Now let's cut to the artist I just got to know, thanks to @jeffjagoe!

Card giveaway as tribute to Luke Combs

I don't know what exactly is up with Jerry Garcia's music. Despite enjoying it, what really rocks in it for me is the melody alone. They've captured my ears when there's no singer. I'm not saying having a vocal makes it bad. Maybe my taste for swing music has something to do with it. Either way, it's very... Chill. How do you like his music? Leave me a message about it (or anything else!) in the comment section below to run for a random common card that isn't an instrument.

The video above comes directly from Jerry Garcia's YouTube channel.

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