Got a collector's item in my Rising Star career + CARD GIVEAWAY


Lime for a rhyme

That Lime acoustic is exactly what's up for grabs in this post's giveaway. I've recently gotten it from a booster pack, but it's sadly not a mic, so you've all got a chance at it. Sorry, I haven't been sleeping well, that's why I haven't posted anything lately. But today, I got my full 7 hours of sleep, so I'm back to my usual self. Participate in this giveaway by leaving me a message in the comment section below. :)

Did you know? Coldplay's releasing a new album! Checkout its trailer - haha yeah, a music CD's visual trailer - on the their official music channel. How are they doing nowadays anyway? Pretty damn good, it seems. I don't think they've aged at all, although it's not exactly popular among teenagers. You can see that in Higher Power which was released less than two months ago. Heck, is that a Cyberpunk 2077 reference? Noice.

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