Trying to climb up the ranking in Rising Star

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A couple of day ago, I decided to give Rising Star, the music game on the hive blockchain another try. I had started to play some time ago but then I was pulled into Splinterlands and forgot a bit about the game.

The turning point was when my friend @globetrottergcc told me that he was earning about 320 $ per month with the game. I realized that I must have been doing something wrong and I had a nice chat with my friend Zoltan where he gave me some tips how to improve my game.

Not playing or playing it right

I had to decide whether I either didn't want to play the game or whether I wanted to play the game right. I chose the later. For me playing the game right means to invest some money to make it more interesting and also more profitable.

I started by doing what every noob should be doing, I bought 1 million starbits to get the millionaires card. The great thing is that I have this card but I need to have level 50 to actual play the according mission. I'm at level 35... My first priority is to get there to be able to do these daily millionaires missions.

I learned that to progress as fast as possible, the best was to purchase pizzas that would allow me to play the whole day long and not run out of energy. That's what I did and I bought 5 slices of Pizza.

I also learned that it was good to own as many NFT's as possible. The more NFT's you own, the more you will earn from the mission. So I bought the most affordable NFT's on the market.

Climbing in the ranking

The first day I joined I wasn't even on the ranking. After the first day, I was 600th. After the second day I was 301st. Today I'm already 227th. I hope I will get into the top 100 asap :-)

If you haven't started to play the game, feel free to join using my referral link:

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