The Glasgow player who are victims of racist abuse have received a very big boost that will literally get them back on the road

The Rocks chief stated this ,that have are very sad and unhappy as regards the abuse faced by new signing mpondo, Julius van Saucers and Marc kwedi after joining the Emirates based club

Which actually led the back back home after passing through such incident which leads to the car been Vandalised with it tyres slashed and windscreen smashed with a hammer

Now bosses at Glasgow intelligent car leasing have handed over the keys to brand new VW T-Roc car for the player's , to put an end to any transportation problem following the attacks

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This support is for the player's to understand that Glasgow has a more inclusive and empathetic side.

The managing director of the of the intelligent car leasing said that the reports of what these players passed through hit homes.stating that such act of racist is not acceptable also in Glasgow at all and they are doing this to let the world knows that their city is a better city.

We are providing the vehicle with all expenses to be taken care of for the next three year.

The players also stated how happy they are to receive that gesture, saying we can only say a big thank you to Martin and his team for bringing them back in the road also staying that they are now overcoming the incident and whosoever is involved is a minority.

These experience have been overshadowed by a wave of positive one from the people of Glasgow and they are happy about it.

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