the story behind my cover image

So not sure if you have been over to my profile and seen my cover image if not pop and have a look. This is the photoshoot it came from and how it wasn't even ment to be part of the photoshoot ..

So a few days ago i posted about a mermaid photoshoot i did with my friend ingrid well she arrived for that photoshoot wearing this outfit not planning to do any photos in it but i loved the look and asked if we could go and get some images after the mermaid photoshoot..


So this was the outfit and the location fitted it perfectly so we did a few photos around the wood with no real plan just time on are hands



So after we got all the above photos we had pretty much ran out of ideas and ingrid said could we try and sort a levitation shot i had nothing on me to help with the effect but found a tree stump with some amazing leading lines so i balanced her on there and took a base shot here that is below


so i new it would be alot of work in photoshop to make this work but the landscape would help me this is the finished result


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