The quarantine dairy


Here's small thought that came into my mind I hope you all are doing fine. So, we all are under quarantine scrawling feeds, checking stories in social media, watching movies, series, reading books and waking up late too. Agreed all these things make us feel better since we're away from the stressful and busy life. We do miss college, hangouts, friends etc. Agreed we have a LOT of time with us, and during this, some of us may be busy with online classes , assignments too, but despite all this, there is ALWAYS some free time that we find. As human beings, I think we can utilize this time to explore more and understand ourselves more. For some of us, this is a detox period too!

Utilizing this free time can be doing or trying something completely new. Maybe that something we never tried before.
No human beings are born without talent. Each and every one of us have some special skills in us and this free time that we seem to have can be used to bring out that hidden talent or creativity, may be you're good at cooking, art, photography, modelling.




Writing, designing, dancing and so on!
Don't feel hesitant to step out from your comfort zone and do it. It's okay if you stumble the first few times!
Be persistent. Keep yourself going. Push yourself. You may never know, you may end up discovering something great about yourself ahead!

This is one such time you'll be able to create or do something worthwhile.
Make sure you utilize it, trust today's learning won't go waste nor your talent or potential to do better. Remember this, one thing when you experience, experiment stuff, you may find yourself. You never know this work of yours can take you a very long way too.
So let's use this quarantine period to learn, explore, create, understand ourselves better.
Stay home stay safe.

-Bindya TS. 👣💛

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