It was me

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I remember the last time , when
I smiled ,
It was "me"
The little happy child inside me danced ,
Under that soft warm light .
"Myself" wasn't afraid to look out on new things
I recalled those moments when I walked in those damp shores
Running to collect those beautiful sea shells , that straight up shined
When golden hour rays hit directly on those shells ,
I was just a happy kid ,
Enjoyed being captured, in that beautiful white outfit that night , under that soft warm light .
I seeked pleasure through those aesethics right there
I seeked pleasure through my loving happy self ,
I lived that moment ,
Having a beautiful conversation with myself,
I recalled those times , which were happy
Thinking how to make my the present even more happier than ever before,
I recalled those pretty little self promises
To smile ,
To live ,
And to feel and seize every moment
Despite of the situation.





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