Conceptual Outdoor Photoshoot : Mother Nature.

This is another conceptual photoshoot that I did with @tommyl33 and @gideongys few years back before the pandemic.

This photoshoot concept is called "Mother Nature"

There is two concept on this project of ours. One is indoor photoshoot and the other one is outdoor portrait. This indoor photoshoot is done by my friend @tommyl33, he is using the plastic and paper to make props and the indoor setup. Meanwhile @gideongys is our videoman and bts person.

Me and @tommyl33 both have different approach on how to take photos to portray this concept. He is more into environment portrait and I am more to closeup portrait. I hope he can share the photoshoot here soon after this post.

So our location for this photoshoot was on top of the hill, we need to find place that we can both execute our photoshoot plan. The place is at a primary school on top of the hill. The place is beautiful, we can see the sunset from the top of the hill.

One big challenge that we had to face during this photoshoot is the time. During the outdoor photoshoot, the time was already off of our schedule, when we star on the outdoor session, its nearly sundown.

We had to rush some of the setup and its very hard to focus on the subject when there is not enough light. But somehow I managed to get some good shoot.

Below are some of the photo taken during that time. I hope you guys will enjoy it.


A close up half body shoot


Horizontal Portraiture with environment


Black and white vertical portraiture with environment


Silhouette sunset portraiture.

Photographer @tawadak24
Camera Canon 70D | 50mm f1.8
EXIF f/1.8-2.8 | 1/150 | ISO300-1600 | 50mm

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