See the beauty in the small things

See the beauty in the small things

This post was inspired by an amazing post by @johanpiber on Minimal landscapes, well worth checking out, now I am not sharing minimal landscapes in this post just some small details in nature such as this little dandelion

details in nature.jpg

Sony A7iii 237mm F6.3 1/160 Sec ISO 100
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My Daily Thought

Well I will be honest one of many daily thoughts, some may say I have a very active mind and so many thoughts go through my head in a day, many you wont want to know about LOL, but one particular thought that came ot mind when editing these photos.

Don't be so focused on the big stuff that you do not get to enjoy the small things in life.

So often we are in such a hustle and bustle to get things done and achieve our goals in life, we are totally focused on the big plans and projects and don't slow down even for a moment to enjoy the little things all around us.

Now in this post I am highlighting this with some small details in nature, alongside a trail heading around a pond and its easy to focus on the trail the color of the trees, the water and reflections in the pond, its easy to miss these small things.

But it also applies equally and perhaps more importantly to all factors of life, so focused on your job and the big project or super achieving for the next promotion, what when one gets home our mind id still racing on work, and we miss the the beauty and innocence of a smile of a child, a gentle caress on your shoulder from your partner, and so many other little things, I am sure as your reading this some examples in your own life may come to mind.

I am not saying not to focus on the big things, work projects etc etc, but to try and slow yourself down to appreciate the small things in your life, and are they really small, they may be such significant moments in your life that you may never experience them again and would that not be a shame to miss them.

Now I am not saying I am perfect and was always slowing down to enjoy those special moments I used to work a high pressure job and made the same mistake I am now recommending not to do, but i finally learned the need to get an even balance in life.

The thoughts above will make this an entry for Dreemport initiative @dreemsteem selects a challenge each week for members to join if they so wish, and this week the challenge is the Thoughtful Daily Post created and supported by @wesphilbin A person I have known for quite a while on Hive, and one who is very active in many communities, Let me explain the concept in his own words
“The tag #thoughtfuldailypost can be applied to any post that speaks of positivity, uplifting topics, inspiration, reflection (especially self-reflection), deep musings about our human nature, spiritual aspects, and other philosophical inclinations. Despite the word "daily" in the tag, it is not necessary to write a post every day to participate — a single post of a thoughtful nature is welcome any time! We need more positivity and thoughtfulness in the world, now more than ever!”

Now for the last two weeks I have joined this challenge, and although I still do not feel I am a write, I am joining it again today as I do love the concept of it, and may try to now and again join it now that I have got started.

Now back to some small details in nature with another dandelion this time in color.

details in nature-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/100 Sec ISO 100
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Now for these shots I was out on a walk and took my Sony 24-240 lens, one I used to always carry with me when I worked in NYC, but with most of my recent walks being by the beaches I have bene using my pair of tamron lens mostly, and I thought it was time to give the sony lens some use

details in nature-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 175mm F6.3 1/250 Sec ISO 320
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And a similar plant this time in color

details in nature-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 154mm F6.3 1/250 Sec ISO 400
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Now this last shot is similar to the second photo, but not the same photo, I generally once I have done one style of edit for a photo will not do a different style, but a very similar photo editing in Mono

details in nature-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/100 Sec ISO 100
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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